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  1. i think it's actually real wise how her production's been for this record. text book's almost quentin tarantino vibes, similar to some kind of nina simone drama blue banister's immaculate production arcadia's musical theater quality the saloon western interlude black bathing suit's subdued menace if u lie down with me's cowboy honestly personally brokeback mountain atmosphere beautiful's delicate piano and sweet vocal crescendos violets for roses simple but effective skipping tempo and pacing dealer's motel-esque world thunder's looming wildflower wildfire's subtle raunchiness and protection nectar of the gods perfectly lends to the air of forlorn living legend's regret and aching adoration cherry blossom's sincerity and sweet carolina's sheer sweetness. maybe i'm one of the few, but personally, it's the little gentle moments that can be the most profound. and when life can be too much and everything else might be turbulent, it's the stripped back sound that brings comfort well in a world that usually takes more than it gives back this album's a beautiful counterpoint to a lot of things, and there's wisdom in it's simplicity and balance.
  2. the atmosphere's just perfect for it's lyrical themes and brings so much. it encapsulates the oscillation of bliss and drunkedness in how impactful relations can change in a blink or be fed to you over time. perfect for a show like euphoria and still stays true to her artistry i honestly think it's perfectly done.
  3. what's a limited l-edition vinyl? a limited limited edition? i'm tired are they selling them individually?
  4. i don't mean to sound like crude, but i honestly thought it was shaped like a vagina, which still gay, but i love the symbolism behind that. if or when u guys see it, paradise to nirvana the intermingling
  5. does anyone else kinda see paradise shaped like something? is that intentional? the symbolism yes
  6. u know what i hate to sound like a brat and it's tired but damn I got snubbed, queued, post moved to the rando convo thread w/o context so much, so many times strangely enough always before lipster campaigning i've noticed, for making vinyl design talk and gifs prominent here to gifgates jokes etc. imma elevate, but thanks for having me and for those especially who don't think i'm a complete idiot for keeping things fun and reading my more intellectual and composed thoughts. have a great day LB, nothing ill i'm over it, sincerely Diamantes Neptune Dragon Vodkaa Boost
  7. i'm sorry like i don't wanna seem rude but that alt art. i dislike how eerie it makes the album seem which u know mult. perspectives but yeah :/
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