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  1. u know what, ur rite. if anything, it means A LOT to her, and how it's being pushed and how the focus has been on it for a while now, it's a fact yeah.
  2. vodkaa

    Katy Perry

    Cry about it later's so good.
  3. mentioned waay back in the thread that she was gonna postpone chemtrails stuff for her poetry. I just didn't think it'd actually stretch all the way til the end of sep. hm. a couple of days to acknowledge, promote n share. my radar's not dinging at all, n she usually follows thru like a day after. it's tech been Libra season since like last week eyo, which doesn't really seem as characteristic of the record going back to emotional truths and release, or she could be pulling an anti Libra which is an aries, but that's just not practical. and then u have scorpio w chemtrails, in the fall, something hazing out, intensity and lets face it sometimes that sting and sensuality scorps just ooze out. matches her rising, transformations like they do in the fall which we're already in. but past the less than practical dribble. honoring her poetry this week. a potential nod to the record, through some unconventional source (let's hope for better, but we know better). probably by next wednesday's my guess for some kind of news. she could very well give us something this thursday, but it just gets me thinking at how the main factors we've been ruminating on about are the book, her management, and the state of promotion/completion of everything. the poetry doesn't seem to be that much major, what I'm thinking about is Dealer, and how finished it is. I feel like once she's done everything'll just spill out
  4. my copy for the book's coming tmrw. and I know I'm behind bc I waited for this but. gonna read it out in the sun or something finaaaallly
  5. when u think about it. Chemtrails has a lot in common w the Hannah Montana movie
  6. vodkaa

    Ava Max

    slightly off topic, but that Rixton song definitely came from this. and about Ava. I think she's got great potential, and sure there's pop performances, the hair the wigs the outfits, but does anyone else feel like she's being pushed to do these things? she reminds me of Ally from ASIB. or is it just like the times of what people like pop are into?
  7. How easy Lana could fix this with just a pre-order the thread needs true volts WHERE
  8. I feel like if we had a better angle from that shoot, boom, UO cover. I kinda wanna say official cover too, but I'm just waiting on her team to see what they originally came up with. But yeah!! I know it's not offical, but I wanna see how it turns out n maybe her team might take notice ah!! !,!,
  9. Yessssss this is my favorite. Did u think u could somehow make an edit more close up, w more light in her eyes, some kind of reflection of a subtle explosion in them? I was thinking this pose for the UO cover. The execution's amaziiiiiiiing
  10. vodkaa

    Lady Gaga

    What is this sagaaaaaa? don't play w me it just hurts me i e i e i e i e i e I pla pla plastic pla pla technologic
  11. the poem also: Some of your fans might be picking up their first book of poetry when readingViolet. What guidance would you offer? How are they meant to experience it? Well, it’s a vulnerable thing in some ways to write a book of any sort. So it is truly meant to be found by those who just come upon it… And I think that’s the whole point for any fans of mine to remember that when you do things for fun and for yourself, it just might end up being one of the best things that you’ve ever done regardless of people’s opinions of them. Sometimes the most important thing to ask yourself is: What would I do if I was willing to be completely embarrassed? And by doing that, I often find I am taking my next right action.
  12. vodkaa

    Charli XCX

    wait did u say pink? bc. I might have to get 1 now too. its a lot more yellow when it's not on top of the black sleeve, it's so pretty. i'm gonna have to check on the orange one nowwww what. try getting em quick. I feel like they're just gonna get more expensive like w N1A/Pop 2 the euro warner music store site should have them still.
  13. vodkaa

    Charli XCX

    no I totally get u, I had to get mine from there too, but I remember ordering it like a week ago or something. ur's is probably gonna soon tho gl gl! it looks so niceeeeee
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