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  1. vodkaa

    Lady Gaga

    G.U.Y. is. G.U.Y. is. a sex ouroboros the original 34 35
  2. I don't know why yet exactly, but I hope she has a horse riding scene/photoshoot for this. oh and like. imagine if Lana did promo for that one medieval war app game like Mariah did.
  3. I used to play volleyball in high school and- maybe it's not the same scale but. the camaraderie and good sportsmanship. that's this song. it lives. on.
  4. I wouldn't be disappointed if she added YNWA on cocc if I'm bein honest
  5. I think it's actually like 10 bucks for shipping which isn't too bad imo if that's what's delaying ur purchase. It's so beautiful. oh and it's supposed to arrive by the 10th so I mean yeah
  6. aside from play tackling and watching the players she's given the gays, at least this gay another reason to enjoy the sport 🥴 btw it sounds just like a Disney dream.
  7. vodkaa

    Ariana Grande

    Like a dance routine w a partner or something agree. Contrasting character to her own would've added so much to the vid. ref'ing myself when I say that he should've been some kind of voracious hot beast of a guy lel
  8. https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/announcements/415825-the-end-of-the-storm-soundtrack-to-benefit-lfc-foundation / store: https://store.liverpoolfc.com/customer/account/login/ vinyl like a football we're getting it. hut
  9. vodkaa

    Ariana Grande

    playing coy like whatcha waitin fo whatcha waitin fo
  10. mhm rootin 4 ya hunty get IT. but i'm hopin the calendar does some overlay shit so we all win u know? yes.
  11. Well i hope she waters cocc so it grows and blossoms fully in the spring like the gay pantheon we know cocc is capable of being.
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