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  1. vodkaa

    Selena Gomez

    I know a lot of people don't really consider her voice to be exceptional compared to her peers, but I really love it anyway, and she's got such a soothing tone. she makes emotional complexities sound so simple when she sings them. handfuuuuul of bops. still listening to Rare since its release. deluxe, Souveniiiir > it's a solid work, and I really think she's found a happy niche w her music. calming, emotionally wise, and still all fashion sensual when ya wanna dance. the melodies are already beautiful on their own. I kinda wish the deluxe cover was still different. wanted to get Souvenir on vinyl, but I'm just iffy on the cover and vinyl design so so much Crowded Room A Sweeter Place Vulnerable stand out so much to me. Kinda Crazy's unexpectedly calming.
  2. love this song. and actually thought about the harmonica too. wondering if it'd be more aggressive/sensual harmonica or something mellow. but all I know is that if she did. we wouldn't be ready.
  3. she's my FAVORITE mcu character. and their relationship's just so beautiful imo. less forced than Widow and the Hulk too
  4. shake ya up cold stiff'd earthquake bodyrockin but like the 5th no contact.
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