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  1. Jack just posted “take the sadness out of Saturday night” on his story
  2. Maybe it's a west coast thing, breathing the same air as her emboldens our faith
  3. I agree with that part but also don't think whoever answers the phones at Spotify or whatever knew shit about folklore before its announcement, for example. They'd keep that stuff at a high level i think. I work in digital distribution (but for movies and tv) and anything on our streaming service is need-to-know at every step of the way (although there's no outright surprise releases for web television). Also would like to double down & agree that you do indeed have the most pleasant healthy energy on this site ty for your service
  4. I still don't buy the Qobuz thing...why would Lana and/or her mgmt leave loose ends like that when they know manic twinks are dialing every music service and store in existence trying to get info
  5. Yeah I'm pretty sure they're referring to the book, just some of the syntax is screwy. "Even before the release of her seventh album on September 29, the singer will release a hardcover version of her first poetry collection, Violent Bent Backward Over the Grass, in e-books." Also the entitlement here is palpable.
  6. the cynical energy in this thread is toxic. she doesn't need to give us an update, why would there be a preorder for a surprise release? why would she give any info in advance (cover, tracklist, etc)? i know she's teased stuff and has kinda ruined the surprise by announcing it, but last we heard directly from her is the 5th. maybe she'll delay it but there's no evidence of that. The LFL may 21 and NFR mar 31 dates were never muttered by her at any point; the sept 5th COCC date was. Also, the 12:12 thing was posted at 12:12am PST. Likely not a foreshadowing of anything at least in relation to that time
  7. I agree with that, she squandered the purity of the surprise by announcing it lol
  8. She said surprise release and she gave us a date, with other things sprinkled in like vids and stuff. She doesn’t owe us constant updates and a schedule of every stage of the rollout. This era is exactly as it should be, she owes us nothing literally and it’s fucking amazing that she’s releasing another album so soon after her masterpiece. If it doesn’t come or is delayed, ok it’ll still come soon
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