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  1. That's perfect tbh, I'd also add that Dealer based on the title alone would fit on UV too (and vocally perhaps).
  2. So is the digital version going to be released that day too? What is the tea?
  3. All of the titles sound like they're fanmade I love the tracklist. Claiming
  4. My favorite is Text Book, but all of them are very solid, I don't think she lost me for one second
  5. Pink Floyd has really cool stuff like Comfortably Numb (love listening to it after listening to Heroin), Time, Wish you were here, but I just can't listen to songs longer than 15 minutes I don't feel like I have the time, or maybe I just don't have the right headspace to enjoy any of it. Too experimental for me. Overall rock music that goes that long. Rap. I like some songs but overall it's not it for me, I can't find the appeal (I hate SB). Charli XCX. The sound of NFR and COCC is like my kind of sound for music in general so go figure why I have never really gotten into her. I do think she has a good ear for music, though. Some songs by the Beatles. The melodies are cute but sometimes the outdated production/mixing turns me off from it too much (and the vocals ). That's why sometimes i prefer covers by other artists.
  6. Exactly! I don't hate Jack at all, he produced masterpieces like WD, FIILY, TG and VB but I cannot take another song with those cheap beats. It's such a GarageBand tease and it ruins perfectly good songs (still not over the way they massacred HTD) They sound so uninspired imo. I don't think I'm manifesting Jack out of any of her future releases but those beats need to stop, it does not give the vibe they think it's giving.
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