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  1. THE GIRLS ARE FIGHTINGGG i want a negativity threat 1. so i can keep reading ur arguments and 2. so i can rant about jack
  2. ive been using this for so long but where is it actually from i wanna know also vb/mac slander is NOT allowed slander anything off lfl instead cocc currently reigns supreme
  3. i don't mind the official cover, but i have not seen one fanmade cover that is worse than what we actually got thank you all for the endless options <3
  4. i was referring to her 2011-2015 sound. as much as i love nfr! and the growth shes gone through as an artist, she suits strings and dramtic production so much more (in my opinion). theres only so many piano and acoustic ballads one can take before they want a violin i know but i just want prominent strings
  5. please stop talking about the piece of paper i never want to think about it ever again #danheathforldr8
  6. can't stop listening to the ave maria instrumental leak and thinking how jack antonoff ruined lana del rey. imagine coccs visuals with dramatic strings and lanas strong 2013 vocals i believe in dan heath supremacy
  7. i'm still mad at cassette girl for making me listen to nfr in potato quality... but her trying to say it wasn't her and it was her friend or something made it worth it because it was so funny whos gonna be this eras cassette girl but fr we haven't really had a fully blind lana era. i would love if there weree no snippets or leaks before release day. imagine going into it 100% blind and then hearing tjf for the first time
  8. haven't been on this topic since before the 11th because i couldn't get on here and i cba to read hundreds of pages chemtrails is easily one of her best songs and one of her best title tracks so far. it's also not getting old at well over 100 listens and it sounds as fresh as ever i forgive her for being messy
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