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  1. i think they enable her lazy behaviour in relation to promo. we've seen the promo dua gets and if ben and ed pushed her to promote to that level it would happen. i think they’re at equal faults n e wayz 48 HOURS TILL WHITE DRESS
  2. HONEYMOON V2 WE WON i feel like this album has the same lowkey vibe as honeymoon and uv i cant even describe it... her top 3 album incoming
  3. had a dream wd was surprised released and it was a florence + the machine kiss with a fist/dog days are over sounding song with lana running through the forest away from the big monster thing from where the wild things are....
  4. i thought i was on team realistic when i said WD was coming out friday but everyday that veers to team delulu...
  5. wait the second to last dealer snippet on d-word sounds really good ik it’s probably not real but
  6. or i just prefer the sound of uv doesn’t mean i don’t love her later albums aswell i love the sound of cocc and am so excited but can still appreciate how incredible her older work was
  7. shes not posting because she knows white dress will cause a music industry collapse
  8. some covers are really good and i think the cocc cover is no exception. i wish lana would incorporate more rocky/uv tones into her music again so this just satisfies me. i love lanas chemtrails and having the cover doesnt detract anything from that stream cocc wearing our jewels in the swimming pool
  9. we rlly went thru the 5 stages of grief with this rollout denial: 'this cant be the album cover nonono' anger: 'it’s so ugly, why is val in the centre, why is it an iphone pic, it’s horrible, popcorn face val, etc' bargaining: - waiting and praying for more vinyl variants and covers depression: - the 2 month wait giving us time to reflect on lmlylaws existence acceptance: - accepting the cover is NOT THAT BAD (and we have neils one) & lmlylaw is actually a good song n e ways keep screaming cocctails and WHITE DRESS NEXT FRIDAY ANNOUNCEMENT TONIGHT
  10. shes not posting white dress teaser because shes preoccupied with the typewriter
  11. how much does lana pay ben and ed because its too much whatever it is
  12. i get the feeling shes almost embarrased or unsettled by the album shes obviously not but i guess it seems like shes really uncomfortable with the album and is acting very distant from it, more so than usual
  13. only 25 members online lemme create a fake d-word-website snippet to spice this thread up a bit
  14. chemtrails coming to dethrone paradise and join ultraviolence and honeymoon in her top 3 albums
  15. even if he cheats and even if he eats her out real good he'll lose it all darla trying to manifest another cola moment i see these are faker than the in the cock in the cock in the cockit threat bye...
  16. just realised that because i live in a seaside town for uni i’m gonna go to the beach on release day and listen with good headphones i truly won today
  17. white dress is just a renamed coachella - woodstock in my mind (reprise) [acoustic] (ft. nikki lane & 6ix9ine)
  18. wasn't it for lfl from 2015 sessions & cruel world is my favourite opener so it'll be hard to dethrone for me
  19. read this to the beat of coachella it was woodstock in my mind
  20. the tjf snippet she gave us was scrapped and instead gave us another country flop ignore to confirm bestie
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