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  1. Thinking about how Mike Dean could potentially have producing credits on Rock Candy Sweet. Really got me thinking about something colourful, vivid, and electric. Inspired me to make this - manifesting!
  2. Every single outfit she wore on tour in 2019 was to die for. The summer festival looks from June and July with those gorgeous summer dresses were EVERYTHING. Her beauty was so radiant during that summer 2019 festival run (as always). I also loved everything she wore on the NFR tour. She really nailed the Joni Mitchell-esque, “canyon-lady” looks
  3. Well, that selfie from today is absolutely gorgeous. And you guys already know how I am about Lana and her nails...last time she had baby blue acrylics was when she did that beautiful shoot for Interview Magazine. Lana + baby blue nails are always a win, so something must be coming soon!
  4. Yes! I’m sorry, I’m so late to this but yes, Kali Uchis released Sin Miedo on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 10 AM PST which I thought was unusual, since albums are generally released on Friday, and she also released that record under Interscope. But since she did it, I don’t see why Lana - an artist who really can do whatever she wants without worrying too much about it - couldn’t! Also haven’t been on here lately but I just wanna say I’m so excited for Blue Banisters! I really do think it’s a song, the lead single from Rock Candy Sweet. The format was the same as White Dress’s teasers and I think if she were to tease a poem, she would just post her typewritten page-scans or post a spoken-word visual. Since she posted it on the 10th, I feel like it’s going to come on April 30th or sometime next month! Can’t wait!
  5. I knew this thread was going to be on fire. We obviously know Lana does not mean to justify any actions of the Royal Family and made it clear in her caption that she just admired the way Phillip and Elizabeth loved each other - much like how she’s used JFK/Jackie and Elvis/Priscilla as motifs in her career. Maybe I wouldn’t have acknowledged them at all, but we know she’s not insinuating anything harmful at her core. Let’s not feed into any damaging narratives spun by fake-woke Twitter users who likely don’t even bother to fact-check infographics that they spread around.
  6. I’m so excited for the writing on this record. Chemtrails was amazing in that she really sung about her relationship with herself, which made for a record that was probably her most uniquely personal (not that her previous records were anything less than personal, just that Chemtrails was personal in a different way from her last records) and uniquely intimate. I really hope she continues to examine her life as a whole through the records, as it seems each album does that more increasingly. I admire her commitment to telling her story through her records and I can only imagine this one will dig even deeper than ever before!
  7. This record is so incredibly close to my heart. I think a lot of us can say that every single song speaks to us in some way - I certainly can. My relationship with the music has only continued to grow over the last 3 weeks and it’s just so special in every way. She truly poured her heart and soul into each song and her generosity of spirit really does shine through. an outstanding album that only adds to the genuineness of a true artist.
  8. Omg this is amazing! Thank you so much, queen I love Lana’s tour outfits, literally every single outfit from the NFR tour is my favourite so it’s amazing to have them (and all the tour outfits) in one place! <333
  9. IanadeIrey

    Song vs. Song

    Yosemite vs. The Next Best American Record
  10. I got Dance Till We Die! I’d say it’s very accurate and it’s my favourite song on the record so there’s that too <3 this was really cool, thanks for making it and sharing it with us. Also so happy to see you back here!
  11. Love you guys and no shade but can we please stop with the Republican comments? They only perpetuate an attribution that Lana has already disputed on several occasions. And friendly reminder that the people in Lana’s life are all real people whose existences are not to be fictionalized or reduced to being solely a part of her career <3
  12. Another fan photo - reminds me of the photos she’d take with fans when leaving the Chateau Marmont in 2012!
  13. I think the last time was in August 2019, the day before NFR came out - he posted a Polaroid to Instagram and credited her as the photographer! Rob liked the photo as well https://www.instagram.com/p/B1wHoNsAVvV/?igshid=vz0rf68ctq4l
  14. Omg the end of Country Boy I Love You Vine!! Remix with Megan Thee Stallion confirmed xoxo
  15. So I guess the 2 albums she referred to in that tweet from November are this album and Rock Candy Sweet! While I’m in the minority of people who are actually excited for this album, I don’t see a reason to be outright upset over this one as it doesn’t seem to be overshadowing Rock Candy Sweet at all. I thought it was made very clear in Music Week and through Lana’s social media comments lately that there would be a regular 8th studio album AND a supplemental project on the side just for fun. Give it a chance, it’s Lana! We’re all here still - surely if you’re still on this site, then the music has kept you hooked!
  16. I would love if the live performance Lana and Nikki did last night would inform the sound of this record. Those steel guitars are something I'd love to hear more on a record from Lana <3
  17. I did, it’s out on September 5th xoxoz
  18. I completely agree! The way people talk about her romantic life almost reads as though they don’t see it as anything more than content for her songwriting. I see so many comments about how she should go back to dating a certain person because it lines up with THEIR aesthetic vision for her records and that’s insane. Not just with Lana, but with any other celebrity, like you said. Even though Lana graciously tells us her life story within these songs, the life she is living is still very much real and I don’t think her being a public figure who selectively shares details gives anyone - fans or not - the right to harass her friends/family/partners or make light of the realities of romantic relationships. At the end of the day, we don’t know her and I’m sure if we were in her position, we wouldn’t want anyone making comments based on the very little/next-to-no information that they have.
  19. I love her hope she’s doing good out there!!
  20. Not that I necessarily think they broke up, but I guess it could speak volumes to the fact that a true relationship isn’t something that you have to force or chase like a butterfly, it just comes as is? I’ve often heard the famous trope that true love finds you when you least expect it, so maybe that ties in with the line “but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you”?
  21. Omg! I wonder if there will be a song on the new album called “Happiness is a Butterfly”!
  22. She looks amazing as always! I wonder if that caption is lyrics or some motif for RCS? It definitely ties in with what the album’s narrative seems to be!
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