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  1. She should have renamed "Dreamer" to "Number 1 Angel" - "I'm an angel in the atmosphere"... sidenote, imagine the mixtape named as "Angel in the Atmosphere" instead
  2. Rare snowfall in Athens. It is her doing <3
  3. Each week I log into this silly little website and post a controversial(?) or stale take about the Sucker album. Sucker would be so much better if the "punk" tracks and the super radio friendly pop tracks (Doing It, Die Tonight, etc.) were on separate albums.
  4. TR: Emotional Sucker: Ily2 XCX: Out of My Head N1A: Down Like Woah Pop2: Party 4 U Charli: Tears HIFN: Thoughts
  5. The thought of a new Ryn Weaver album makes me so happy. The power that that would hold in my life. I hope Child King and Say When are on it.
  6. April 9th? this girl really is so cryptic
  7. isn't she hosting a pre-recorded dj set?
  8. i wonder if she'll perform something new at sxsw
  9. Not the discourse again Anyways while y'all are busy with that, does anyone hear Noonie in Waterfall or am I late to this? I hope we get more Charli x Noonie soon.
  10. I like 3 Dimensional. If it wasn't a Tommy Cash album, I do think that Cool 3d World would have been a great title for the third installment
  11. I've been thinking of that too. It makes me sad bc the description of her plans for it felt almost more like an artistic retreat/vacation than just a studio session.
  12. I don't find this disrespectful. I find it as looking towards healing. As we go forward, we'll be able to help minimize the sadness with love, tribute, and remembrance. In 5 years from now, we'll be at the clubs and the shows and songs like Vroom Vroom, Roll With Me, etc. will come on and we'll dance our little hearts away remembering how special the music is and being thankful for the magic that SOPHIE has shared with us. The pain will still be there, but hopefully it will be mostly overtaken by love. Knowing how Charli is such a creative soul and channels her heart into her art, I wouldn't be surprised if the next time that she decides to share new music with us that it might be in remembrance of SOPHIE. Especially if in collaboration with AG. But I'm not expecting that anytime soon, she deserves all the time she needs right now.
  13. I know it sounds dumb and like stan-y but I just want to hug her right now 😭
  14. My discourse for today is that anyone who is blatantly disrespectful during this trying time (for not only our community but also for the artists whom we respect) instantly gets on my ignored list. Additionally, the #HereForCharli tag is cute, but I hope it doesn't make Charli feel pressured to publicly speak out if she's not ready. I think a tag like this might've been more appropriate if/when she were to decide to address the situation.
  15. SOPHIE was such an enigma, yet her loss feels so personal. I think that just serves as a tribute to how powerful her art was. And her art has created such a community too. I hope you all are taking care of yourselves. Sending love.
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