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  1. She should work with Jack Antonoff
  2. It's very interesting to hear the discourse about Marina being political in her music because it feels like most people mark it as a distinction that happened somewhere later into her career, but I felt like one of the things that astounded me about her sound back in the early 2010s was her outspokenness. For me personally, I think what's changed is that her lyrics feel so on the nose nowadays. Electra Heart is an explicitly feminist album, and TFJ is very critical of popular culture in the West (and how that affected coming of age of a millennial woman). It feels almost as if her life has ran out of the drama that fueled EH/TFJ, and she has to now draw upon those impersonal experiences in her songwriting to make vague statements about the human race and far away countries. FROOT was a good album, and L+F was kind of faceless, but both albums feel like she held back as a means to prove (perhaps to herself?) that she's no longer that crazy girl wearing the blonde wig, masquerading as a Stepford wife. Ancient Dreams on the other hand felt like an attempt to recapture the drama of her earlier career, though that felt very transparent and it didn't quite meet those expectations. I think that the best thing for Marina to do is surround herself with interesting people and experience life at its fullest, and that's when we'll get music that reaches her early days. I truly believe that Marina's career could re-peak again, but that's up to her. She's seemed to have settled down, so I'm expecting the best we'll get is a cute bop on a mid album here and there. That's fine. After the pain she went through that fueled TFJ/EH, I don't blame her for safeguarding herself. Though sometimes I do fear her insecurities have burnt bridges (cc: familiar FROOT)...
  3. Trying so very hard not to get my hopes up
  4. I'm kind of obsessed with how Charli's tweet to me during a q&a back in the day is the only recollection we have of a TR title track. I asked her about it in today's q&a to see if we'll ever hear it & mentioned it never leaked but lightning never strikes the same place twice I guess
  5. Controversial take but the single version of Nuclear Seasons is so much better than the album cut...
  6. I'm imagining Charli's next album to be a sonic hybrid of a Stay Away-esque sound and a Visions-esque sound.
  7. Flashbacks to Charli cutting a verse from I Finally Understand because "it felt too long" The Tik Tokification of song lengths has really validated her short song fetish I fear
  8. I honestly think it's just mismanagement on her record label's end since Masochism isn't out yet. Like if a record label was able to pry two albums from SZA, who I would say is equally a perfectionist and vocal about it as much as Sky, then her record label should be able to steal the flash drive. So I can't blame her entirely. Though one thing I wish for her is that she was more confident. I feel like she isn't parting ways with Masochism because she has this vision that exists for it that is honestly probably beyond what even a blank cheque from her label could make executable. But at this point she could release a sub-ideal Masochism and then put her creative mind to work on a third record that actually scratches those creative itches she has. She's too afraid to fail, too afraid to fly. I think she would learn something from that if she would just put out an album imperfect to her standards! At the end of the day I am still going to enjoy whatever she does. I don't think her music would have this much of an appeal if she were any other way. It almost feels like the most perfect performance art. Everything about Masochism is masochistic. There's a beautiful sort of realness to it. I almost even prefer it this way than if Sky were consistently releasing music every two years. Rather than ending up like a moderately washed up Tumblr girl () whose releases seem to live in the shadow of their golden era peak, Sky creates this never ending mystery that keeps giving with a decent single release promoting this elusive album every few years. She'll always have that cool unavailability of a truly troubled artist! Honestly, overall, I just wish that this lady would be happy in this life.
  9. If the NTMT b-sides were uploaded to Spotify I would be satisfied walking away and letting this lady live an uneventful life without a music career.
  10. No it's not, I just found it though, "I'm Not Sorry", such a cute little moody track
  11. Question for the culture - I remember sometime in the past couple of years a song leaked, and it was kind of rough (may have been mostly just acapella, probably under 2 minutes long?) where there's a lyric along the lines "I'm sorry for all the heartbreaks, I'm sorry for all of the earthquakes" - it might have been from 2012-2014? Does anyone know the title of this track?
  12. if we're seeing the same thing, those pics were taken from the Pampelmousse video https://www.instagram.com/p/CjlNVIEq9vt/
  13. i really thought she was lying about wanting to get her third album out soon
  14. Is she teasing new music? https://www.instagram.com/p/CkhcDB4LFov/ https://www.instagram.com/p/Cklvdhhv97u/
  15. Would love if she did a super deluxe (tack on OUT OUT, Hot In It, Hot Girl) with a few extra tracks (Sweat, some rejects, etc.) but I think I'm just greedy
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