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  1. Her managers were right when they said she was a Rite Of Passage artist. She will always stream well because of BTD-UV-NFR and so it allows her to make personal less mainstream albums like HM or CoCC
  2. Too soon. Way too soon. that said, here are some absolutely never going to happen concepts I think fascinating to dream about for ldr9 Nevada Alaska Hawaii- May Jailer and Lizzy Grant have taken over Lanas body and sound in this glitzy americana kitschy follow up to AKA and Sirens. Slightly off key guitar, haunting operatic crooning and belting.Sunlit noir and joyous winter. Binaural beats and psychedelic bass. Clove cigarettes, the turning of the year. Northern lights, coral reefs, and desert smoke. Lana as Jack Kerouac On The Road. Nikki Lane as her Dean. Country in spirit but not really and sound. Transcendent global and slightly lofi. Sounds like a transmission through radio from a parallel universe. Slightly distant but ethereal and moving.
  3. Jack it’s over. Stop embarrassing yourself and go work on another Bleachers album
  4. Its all i ever wanted, and now i want more of it more than i want surfrock.
  5. Heres the deal cause i know you wanna talk about it lana never stepped in when Jack would play bad keys so I ended up hating the keys later than beautiful and synths by mike dean comfortable with wonderful playing
  6. In my dream 40 minutes ago I was looking at lanaboards and there was this post release thread and a brand new pre release thread that wasnt the Covers Album so….who can say ehat Miss Del Rey will do?
  7. It just makes me even more desparate for a full jazz record
  8. Pre Release You thought I was rich and I am- just not how you think i post batshit comments in the pre release blue bannisters thread I troll and I slander and I pretend to be psychic And if you asked me what my favorite pre release was I would Say Lust For Life but a close second would be Blue Bannisters Blue Bannisters Once Rock Candy Sweet. Almost Arcadia. BOZ wasnt sure what she was doing and lustforlies was good at pretending at least at first its not the prettiest thread off topic bosts, circular conversations, scat ( but thankfully no horse porn since Lust For Life. Have we progressed as a society finally?) an abundance of chaos but an abundance of love as well Darla made a comeback in her cock in her cock in her cockpit but she was no match for Elle or that UMG Thai guy who it turns out was telling the truth back in cocc i don’t know where ill be in 5 years but tomorrow I’ll probably be in the Let Me Do What I’m Trying To Fucking Do Prerelease thread happily delvolving the conversation the way only a fag or hag can Happy You thought I was rich and I am. I’m manifesting a sexy billionaire husband so i dont have to work and can just postbinto the void ( lanaboards) all day. Happy Quaranteening soon Soon or later later sylvia
  9. Nothing can kill us. We’re radioactive toxic waste at roachella. We’ll always be right here. No one’s going anywhere
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