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  1. I love it more than the original i also think it sounds even more like a lana del rey song which is GREAT i love lanas music i love having more. The changes seemed minimal so Im interested to see if theres more departive production elsewhere on the re worked record
  2. On Eagles Wings on the same record as Heart shaped box….sends me. I know she doesn’t listen to Elliot Smoth anymore because it’s too triggering for her ( westbound/ dear elliot is about his suicide) but she woould do such a great cover of Between The Bars
  3. wayamaya ldr9 confirmed!!!
  4. Courtney and Madonna showing up uninvited at her ranch 2 months from now in wothdrawls frrom her content
  5. All the Clickbait writers at every insufferable online news site are shaking now that they’ve lost a good 3 articles a week just on what she posts on her socials.
  6. She has to cover Bobbie Gentry, right? Obviously Ode To Billie Joe and Fancy are contenders but I really want a cover of “I Saw An Angel Die”
  7. I think Priscilla likes lana enough now to let ger cover Elvis…. She wanted Lana to play her in that movie coming out that nobody cares about lol ( they should’ve cast Miss Del Rey lol)
  8. He’s her manager. He goes wherever she goes. While he’s friendly with interscope he doesnt work foe them he works for her
  9. I hope she doesn’t stop at one covers album. I hope she does several over the years in between her original content releases. There are hardly any songs I don’t want Miss Del Rey to cover.
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