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  1. Non zero chance she sings Take Me Home, Country Roads at the West Virginia date.
  2. they named her lana rey loreen from when she was a beauty kween
  3. Lana Del Rey keeps poor Lizzy Grant and May Jailer in her basement writing all her endless songs while she gets all the money and the credit......
  4. There's nothing wrong with not being a songwriter. Reba is very open about not being one and having zero interest in doing so, and she is an american icon and legend. We love our singers. Just don't lie lol.
  5. I mean she has been in Tennessee a lot lately.... Nashville and country music as a whole has a lot of wonderful songwriters whether you like the genre or not (most not on radio which is a whole other debacle) As it's lana any collaboration will still feature her heavily so its not like she'd stop writing at all.... OMG what if she toured in Mississippi bc she tracked down Bobbie Gentry and is collabing with her?! Ode to Billie Joe Part 2 and For K Part 3 INCOMING!!!
  6. if a bad disguise is all he needed to get back in that studio to show her his new sick trap beats than i'm glad he finally did it
  7. I;m glad she's over that beatnik obnoxious "no editing" BS. it's not more authentic its more muddled. the authenticity shines when all the excess has been removed, usually around draft three.
  8. how'd you figure it out???
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