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  1. Like cheap bad cologne in the best way its coming Sept 5th
  2. What if she goes on The Adam Friedland Show (formerly cumtown) that def gets her a 10 from Fantano right?
  3. Only if you stick it in the Golden Corral Chocolate Fountain omg what if the mv is at a golden corral? Very Americana!
  4. What if a single drops at midnight?
  5. A fellow person of culture I see I hope anna and dasha review ldr9 when it comes out like they did blue bannisters. Also lana should go on the pod tho that would probably get her cancelled Dick Not Chocolate
  6. It fots the dark neon ft lauderdale nighyclub after closing on the beach coke and meth pink flamingo teal green trailer VIBEs of ldr9
  7. I read on the Red Scare subreddit well a lot of things but specifically that Lana is rwleated to the queen theough her mons side. Maybe Loved You Then And Now is about how she always loved the way they loved
  8. Y’all best stop before Elle bans y’all right before the album drops……
  9. Maybe we have to do meth to tecieve the download ( the digital album file)
  10. I would die if she just covered the new moon soundtrack start to finish
  11. I’ve got double chocolate baked oats if that works for the metaphor/manifestation
  12. Im interested respectfully We better get an album trailer and it better be spacey!!
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