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  1. The FBI found LDR9 and. American Standards and Classics in Trump’s safe at Mara Lago. He was beta ing it for his close friend and supporter Miss Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, a wealthy GOP donor, and enthusiast of coke and horses and country clubs. The leak is expected at any moment as The FBI wants to sabotage Miss Grant as they are confirmed Beyhive marxists
  2. If they made up and teamed up all the other so called star bitches would perish. It would be that powerful. Renaissance? Nah its a Reynaissance!!
  3. Those lyrics are so much less random if you sing them to the tune of a country waltz….. mid tempo
  4. Jealousy and Nothing In This World are S Tier Bops. I approve. Just don’t let Lindsay in the recording booth. She hasn’t had a bop since Rumors.
  5. The tracktitle starts with an n and rhymes with vigor
  6. I'm Nobody! Who are you? Are you – Nobody – too? Then there's a pair of us! Don't tell! they'd advertise – you know! How dreary – to be – Somebody! How public – like a Frog – To tell one's name – the livelong June – To an admiring Bog!
  7. It doesn’t really matter that her albums do less then peak. She’s a Rite of Passage artist, her catalogue gets millions of streams ( the hits and a lot of the non hit backlog). It doesn’t matter to the label that she makes quieter albums now. They still do well objectively, sell a lot of vinyls, and has an avid fanbase that streams her music constantly. She has made them so much fucking money. She’s in no danger of getting dropped. The label is fine to let her be bc 1) they know she’ll walk if they try to control her 2) all parties are happy with the status quo and they aren’t gonna risk fucking with that. so at the end of the day Lana will release whatever she wants , and any suggestions by management or the label will probably about single choices and promotional things. Strictly the business side. Lana runs the music part eith an iron fist as she should. She has all the power and she knows it.
  8. I want every genre tbh but this yeah Id like that
  9. Why the most overrated country artist of the last 20 years
  10. Country horror Children of the Corn type shit
  11. CRY about it You know who was born in San Francisco in the 1960’s? A certain grunge goddess we beed a collab from
  12. Omg we are twins!!! Honestly I want a full album but those two divas would burn down that studio if they were in there together more than a few days
  13. Ive got my american flag t shirt my tight blue jeans that make my ass look even better than always my boots and a fun hat! Ready for the State Fair!!! I love lana i love god and I love country music!!!!! It’s country boards now ya city slickers!!!!!
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