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  1. Have I not been ranting about the impending 70’s revival to anyone who will listen? Lana knows she is the zeitgeist
  2. I was at rockerfeller dancing with a feller ( nikki) in my mind it was 1969
  3. My day turned,,,,,lana drop that sad gay shit……
  4. It better be out before mu dick appointment!!
  5. Just power walked 3 miles….wheres the album?
  6. New lana album, a gym buddy, a hot coworker showing signs off attraction, a job with benefits so im on antidepressants. A merry christmas indeed. Just need some new nikki collabs and im set!
  7. We need a power bottom power ballad on this record a slay a bop a wreckage
  8. “Coconut” means LiZzY GRANT is back in control!! I repeat Patriots Are In Control!!! The Dream!!! Thanks grampa rick!!
  9. I am so excited just what I needed after the worlds worst hookup yesterday and working retails thru the holidays. There better be bops ballads and power bops and power ballads and power bottom anthems of any nature
  10. So what I miss this past month? I work for living and fuck for fun so don't be on here much
  11. General Patton Sucking Out The Secret Orifice Mussolini Forgot Where Hitler Drinks Semen From her gay ww2 masterpiece ballad
  12. Gay Parisians Screwing Over The State Of Michigan For Which Heralds Destruction, San Francisco
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