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  1. NGL I get Carole King vibes from this song (which I LOVE OBVIOUSLY) but it's also clearly Lana and Jack. Transcendent.Stunning.
  2. This thread clearly has COVID. Such a lack of taste, get tested gurls! This is such a masterpiece. For it to be slandered by stans of Foul China is irony at its most potent
  3. Not the twinks hating on a song bc they can't twerk to it.....Like Godlymoon I fear this will be criminally underrated by the fandom for years
  4. Guys so COCC came out leaked in my dream last night and GUYS it was a, mix somehow between grunge and 80's synthwave and somehow it worked. There were multiple interludes with basic sounding titles that were actually good (Jessica, Christina) and I did not get to listen to all the tracks on this dream album but a track called Century went OFF.Her best song ever by far. I'd like to thank my spirit guide and guardian angel, for downloading the album directly into my dream as well as myself for manifesting the album delay so Team Cocctober will never win. There was also in my dream a secret thread on LanaBoards to talk about it called Favorite Computer Parts and the password was Ed Mullet and Sean Cody Did not hear Dealer, but praying it exists.
  5. Due to far too many stupid cocc jokes, I will ow be referring to the album as COTCC. Y'all really know how to beat a dead horse. Anyways, I hope Dealer is the start of Riot Girl Lana
  6. I’d rather the album come out November, December ore even next year than have Team Cocctober win. Ride or Die Team DeLuLu
  7. Can the amateur witches and new agers stop jinxing our manifestations? Only seasoned manifestors please. I woul like Cocc some time this century
  8. Okay but does the Sound Mixer still hate her? They sabotaged her performances in 2017 and 2019.
  9. It's probably just her reciting Howl by Allan Ginsburg (which honestly, I would not mind) but I hope it's from CoCC
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