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  1. Well she sure doesnt have to worry about competing with lorde given how boring solar power is.... lorde stans are even complaining about it...... bb will be the album of the summer tho its outrageous her label keeps releasing her and billie near eachother
  2. Y’all know she’ll never be dropped even if her new stuff does abysmal because her back catalogue does amazingly well as she is a Rite of Passage artist. She will always get a lot of streams based on those albums. She knows this and now she doesnt have to deal with the psychos because she wants them to buy her cds anyway I hope she does whatever she wants on bb. She always sells a lot of records, and even of the streaming is lower it usually picks up eventually, and again her oversll streaming is amazing. Yall have this stupid argument everybsingle era and its always wrong
  3. The album will be propoganda free I hope. I think I’ll die if its just lana singing the official covid narrative for 16 songs
  4. Cato The Elder Appreciation Post. Here’s to lana singing hos complete works in latin over a psychedelic beat
  5. If you have to say borderline next to abuse it’s NOT FUCKING ABUSE
  6. Summertime came out in the evening ESt its never too late baby so don’t give up your born in december and I’m delulu
  7. When will Darla return from the war and bring us totally legit lyrics from the upcoming album??
  8. Lies? Attention Seeking?On Lipster twitter? It’s more likely than you’d think!!
  9. Yeah bb is fine but when you have a great title like Rock Candy Sweet you dont switch it up with an alright less evocative album title unless you dont want it to do well
  10. The way random shots from ig stories are better than actual album covers shes picked
  11. BB will include the moody sad slow down ballad version of Boarding School..very fire. White dress outsold I had a dream like that right before Cocc and it wasnt on that so maybe its on BB
  12. I thought it said “Lady Lay, Lady of Versailles” which is also very lana but either way I agree. More explosive frantic bridges!!
  13. Said he’d come back every may float like manatees in the bay and paint the album cover blueee ( its gotta be blue right?)
  14. At this point its spamming. Like jokes age please keep up in other bews I feel like were getting 16 tracks on independence day
  15. We literally told u why: cause its the same exact post 20x a day by the same user. Lanaboards is hardly only stans. We have antis lukewarms and casual fans. What we don’t like is obnoxious trolling daily.Either say something fresh or reconsider choices
  16. I see it is day 39000000 of “omg i dont like piano when will laba drop a dance record” Which fine want what you want but she has literally never released anything like that so for yall to expect that is ridiculous and very annoying when it is complainined about every other page for years.
  17. he literally followed her around i remember around that time... it is believed he sabotaged YAB's oscar contention as revenge for her airing it in Cola
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