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  1. Claiming track 3 “Slut” as my fave track
  2. I’d be into this as a single cover if the pic was better quality and we dropped the text. I like the eerie looming storm vibe
  3. I’m ready to be delusional but sounds fake I wish we would get some solid news from anyone at this point
  4. She is definitely going to or coming from some sort of photoshoot in her latest IG post
  5. I’m sensing a BIG LFL x NFR era incoming 🚀 🌹
  6. She will post an update tonight
  7. Manifesting rich (but not in the way you think) French madam vacationing in a haunted mansion on the chilly foggy east coast recounting and making peace with her past while applying expensive moisturizers and serums as the stormy sea rages right outside her floor to ceiling windows
  8. Rocker Feller My Umbreller single announcement tonight for Friday release
  9. I’ve listened to the snipped 100 times and now hear “my own mother”
  10. September is the 9th month the 1st is the first day of September 9+1=10 10= LDR10
  11. I'm terrible at identifying instruments but it sounds like these is something other than piano in that snippet? Cello? Am I delusional?
  12. Darkly Navigating Currents Desiring New Currents Deserted Northern Coasts Delicious Nutritious Cavatappi
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