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  1. Thank you, I haven't been very active in here lately. I saw the OG post and assumed it is the song she is sampling.
  2. This sounds like gliding along the ocean while the light shimmers during a beautiful sunset. Throw in Lana's vocals, lyrics and I'm sure some of her own instrumentation and this song is going to absolutely destroy me
  3. Like who is mad or upset or trying to write a think piece about this new beautiful vinyl cover? She looks absolutely stunning and more in control of her image and body than ever. This new artwork is solidifying that this album is about to be absolutely top tier. Lana is absolutely in her own lane and about to blow our tops off
  4. Saw the title of this thread and thought it was a new Lana track
  5. Yeah if so I am staying up another hour and 10 @fl0r1dakil0s
  6. I've been less active the last few days and missed the Tibetan throat singing omg I listened to Tunnel but am going to try to avoid any singles until the release so this album can kick my ass in one foul swoop
  7. Didn’t BoZ say Lana references an unreleased song in Tunnel? Or was that about another song?
  8. Gorgeous I think it’s safe to bet this still Neil posted is from the music video
  9. Remember when we thought the Norman Rockwell estate was holding up the release
  10. I’m in love with the song and I’m in love with the 70’s horror homemade erotica film imagery I have not caught my breath all day, omg we’ve been winning for a week straight. Lana is going to absolutely kill this era
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