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  1. She did say in the W mag interview people tell her she thinks in black and white terms
  2. Probably a complete reach but my first thought was of her in her teens running her fingers over bags of drugs? Don’t drag me, I’m no lyrical mastermind, it’s just where my mind first went
  3. The “Say what you want” / “I do what I want” part reminds me of “Need You Now” by Lady A and the guitar towards the end reminds me of “More than a Feeling” by Boston lol this album is pure perfection.
  4. I’m choosing to believe the insider who said Lana was in NYC to shoot the cover of W Magazine and I’m now coming out as a clairvoyant insider to say she was in Positano to shoot the cover of Grazia magazine
  5. After seeing her so carefree in NYC and now Portofino, I *almost* hope the album isn’t done and these locations inspire her / the next albums sound. Lana in Italy just feels so right and natural and I would love for LDR9 to reflect that vibe.
  6. Not for at least 2 months I would guess. Maybe by August? I don’t think Lana would be on the cover unless she has something to promote. Could be promo for BTIG or LDR9. If it’s LDR9 I would guess some sort of announcement (first single?) would be coming this month or early June at the latest? Someone said Jack is going on tour May-August so maybe they’ve banked the album and it’s ready to go for a late summer release? It’s times like this I miss @lustforlife teases (even if they were made up)
  7. Claiming Just Lipgloss love the green, blue and brown tones. They would go great with an experimental, psychedelic witchy sound. I’ve been listening to Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz a lot lately and I would love for Lana to do a 20+ track experimental vanity project apart from her record label like Miley did.
  8. Sorry, September is too far away for my liking I need a rapid, tight knit rollout: lead single summer bop with high budget video surprise released middle of May along with stunning Interview Mag cover / photo shoot + in-depth interview about LDR 9 which includes the June release date. Album release exactly a month later with a trio music video short film + obscure French magazine cover with another interview where she teases LDR10 and BTIG
  9. A joke. Mel is gay and has dated Adam Selman in the past. Of course, I don’t know his sexuality for 100% certain bc I don’t know the man but I do not think he is dating Lana. They seem to be longtime friends and maybe (hopefully) working together for the June edition of Interview magazine.
  10. I'm choosing to believe Chuck is calling Lana and Mr. Interview Mag "mommy n daddy" because they are actively cooking up something scrumptious to feed the children
  11. I really want a summer album. Like a single next month, album release in July would be a delulu dream She has been pretty active on socials lately and Rob is in his promo-era. Some sort of announcement feels imminent!
  12. Why does her latest pic look like it could be music related? And she tagged Chuck it’s giving Lust for Life Neil Krug shoot
  13. Inland...... Inland Empire Rd. omg her David Lynchian inspired album is COMING
  14. So @DragonWhore ….what else can you say? Give the girlies something to fight about outside of boring vs. non-boring lyrics
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