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  1. Her posts usually come in threes manifesting the surprise of the century is her third post
  2. Unfortunately I did not read the lyrics to The Grants before changing my username Regardless, I'm obsessed and think this is the perfect intro to the album. DYKTATUOB feels like an eerie musical about Lana's life (where she's been, where she's going and how she got here) and I can't wait to listen in full next week This just feels different from COCC and especially BB releases to me, personally. The cinematic elements are back
  3. The Grants is so lush with beautiful lyrics omg. I love all of her recent talk about her family line and karmic lineage. Parts of the song remind me of Watercolor Eyes and the ending reminds me of Looking for America (in a good way bc godbless that cute song)
  4. I was not expecting that intro I have a feeling this album is going to dethrone UV, Honeymoon and NFR for me Her magnum opus coming 10+ years into her career, there is no one better
  5. she is absolutely on a roll, my god how is she even real and to think some thought she peaked with Norman and was just going to continue making slower more mild music she is truly the greatest
  6. This reminds me of when Ben or Ed said Lana was finally going to be able to pull *something special* off -- something they wanted to do for years and then.....nothing
  7. Why do I feel like this is related to when she left socials and said she wanted to spend time focusing on her multiple projects. I feel like she's been brewing up some surprises for awhile now
  8. Thanks for the teases @Brightsun do you agree with BoZ that this album is best experienced all at once from beginning to end? I guess I’m just wondering if there there is a clear narrative or not?
  9. I’ve checked 2 Barnes and Nobel stores in Columbus, OH pretty much everyday for the last week and no one has it
  10. Sorry if this was mentioned but does anyone know when this will be available to buy? I need this in my hands STAT she looks GORGEOUS
  11. 25.5 HOURS BOZ said this song is crazy, right? I'm ready for Tunnel's crazy, more chaotic lil sister
  12. I had a dream she announced the next single coming Tuesday finally…..except it was a title no one heard of and wasn’t even on the tracklist
  13. Thank you, I haven't been very active in here lately. I saw the OG post and assumed it is the song she is sampling.
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