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  1. Lmao one day she’s deactivating IG, the next she’s using a clip of Heroin in her post I love her so much
  2. I’m happy with this song but release the studio version of Unchained Melody ASAP please I beg you Lana
  3. I don’t understand what an album of standards mean, help
  4. So she’s confirming the standards album is happening and it’s coming next in the last paragraph?
  5. I haven't stopped listening to this since Wednesday. She's channeling something here I've been missing from her for awhile now.
  6. What’s IG’s verification process like? Is it like Twitter where you can pay to be verified?
  7. Why would she deactivate now? She just had a career highlight at Graceland, released a cover song today and has Grammy campaigning (I’m assuming) the next couple months?
  8. She blocked us all because she’s reopening @ lanadelrey to announce the double Unreleased + American Classics & Standards album for Christmas
  9. I’m full on believing this is coming for Xmas like fully in delusional mode
  10. What’re the odds this gets released on streaming? I never really cared one way or another for the possible standards/classics album but after this performance I am a changed man. I need it yesterday
  11. I would love some news. Even the hint of news. A crumb even .
  12. Jesus God she looks stunning in her latest story Very 2017 LfL era, the woman doesn’t age
  13. Why am I tearing up so happy for you @Elle! I can’t wait to hear the full story. As someone who has some frequent interactions with our queen I have to ask: do you think Mizz Del Rey lurks the boards ever?
  14. Manifesting once the festival shows conclude she posts a snippet and begins teasing us. Some tidbits from an insider would be lovely, as well. I’m so excited to see which producers she’s working with
  15. It's so calming and beautiful love how her voice sounds like it's underwater towards the end. The way she sings "I believe" reminds me a bit of Riverside for some reason
  16. OMG she has outdone herself AGAIN I love the meta theme so much which made me realize the Jon Batiste Interlude is sort of another behind the scenes piece of Jon and Lana playing in the studio together. That song exudes so much joy to me and it made me feel the same way seeing Lana at the end of CN video smiling on the walk of fame.
  17. Ordered the black rear view tee, can’t wait to receive it in September
  18. Obsessed with the baby doll voice she sings the last few “that’s how the light gets in” at the end of Kintsugi
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