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  1. In the video she says the book is available “in all bookshops on Monday” but I thought it was being released Tuesday the 29? And then there’s Ben who says it’s out the 26th *smh*
  2. So I wonder what the Eric Lloyd Wright photoshoot was for? Album cover art? Single art? Another interview / magazine cover coming soon?
  3. I don’t know how to upload an image but I DMed Qobuzusa on insta and they just told me they have 9/5 as the release date. I asked how they got the info and they said it came from UMG. I’ll copy and paste their message below! “We got 9/5 from UMG, but big releases have been shifting ever since the pandemic. I would say that the album is still TBD with no secured release date.”
  4. I was just listening to JoJo's "Take Me Home" cover and I now need to hear Lana cover this song . Maybe not on COCC but.... at some point
  5. I still haven’t received my hoodie or shipping notification and I ordered the first day the shop went live! Does anyone have the customer service email address? The shop has disappeared itself
  6. jordo017

    Venice Bitch

    I always took it as...she likes the finer, material things (diamonds) that can give life texture as opposed to her man who prefers a more simple (earthy?) way of living. Also, for me, the crimson and clover line ties in nicely with “you’re in the yard, I light the fire” and “now we’re back in the garden...”. They help paint that atmosphere that makes VB so *chefs kiss*
  7. Omg THANK YOU I knew CG outro reminded me of another song and it had been bugging me for days
  8. Is Season of the Witch coming Friday 8/9 or Friday 8/16?
  9. I’m not a fan of this so I’m hoping that’s a no, dawg
  10. What if NFR’s cover is the Mariner’s single artwork? At first, I wasn’t a fan of the picture but after teasing the songs + shedding her glam image over the last 9 months I think it fits the NFR mood perfectly.
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