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  1. It's so calming and beautiful love how her voice sounds like it's underwater towards the end. The way she sings "I believe" reminds me a bit of Riverside for some reason
  2. OMG she has outdone herself AGAIN I love the meta theme so much which made me realize the Jon Batiste Interlude is sort of another behind the scenes piece of Jon and Lana playing in the studio together. That song exudes so much joy to me and it made me feel the same way seeing Lana at the end of CN video smiling on the walk of fame.
  3. Ordered the black rear view tee, can’t wait to receive it in September
  4. Obsessed with the baby doll voice she sings the last few “that’s how the light gets in” at the end of Kintsugi
  5. I’m addicted to JB Interlude. The more I listen the more convinced I become it’s a teaser of a song Lana and Jon are working on for LDR10
  6. I just noticed the beginning of the JB interlude has the same ringing (?) noises as the beginning of The Blackest Day
  7. Why did I read this all in a mid-Atlantic accent There is a really crazy (major trigger warning) podcast about the black dahlia and the *incredibly* dark (seriously major trigger warning before listening) man who is suspected of killing her called Root of Evil. The suspect, George Hodel, was very into surrealism art and trying to impress his friend and surrealist artist, Man Ray. OT: I hope we get a few more goodies this week like CN music video or an Insta Live
  8. Omg thank you I had no idea what she was saying. I’ve just been singing “hoooney” to myself all day
  9. What did she put in the Jon Batiste Interlude I literally cannot stop listening to Candy Necklace + JB interlude I was not expecting to love it this much
  10. I cannot stop playing Candy Necklace and JB interlude Whatever she’s singing in the background of JB (“honey”?) is embedded in my brain The JB interlude actually reminds me of The Writing of Fragments of Time Daft Punk just released which is basically a recording of the making of the song. Such a cool way to get an insight into how brilliant music is created. Sweet, Paris, Texas and Margaret have unexpectedly blown me away Kintsugi and Fingertips left me speechless and sobbing They remind me of Violet so much. The Judeh interlude instrumental, too. Every song up to maybe Fishtail is giving me Euphoria season 2 musical episodes vibes I don’t know if that makes sense but it makes sense to me Let the Light in is so gorgeous and reminds me of - and makes me appreciate more - the Lust for Life album Grandfather is stunning but I think I need more time with it before it really hits me. I love how she ended such a heavy record with 3 more upbeat tracks. It’s like shaking the weight of it all off and just letting loose. At first, I was a little disappointed in the VB remix ending the album until I read 👑 Elle’s interpretation: sometimes there’s nothing new that needs to be said; no grand lesson to neatly tie it all together. So why not cap it all off with one of her most iconic songs and ode to her home. This is definitely her most experimental album. It’s everything I’ve been wanting and more.
  11. I need the new white Lana tank and black sweatshirt so bad Do we know if they are only going to be available at the pop up stores??
  12. OMG that snippet of Candy Necklace This is the first time I've avoided a leak since Honeymoon (not bragging, I'm just lazy this era) and I cannot wait for Friday. CN might be the song I am most excited for after her recent IG snippet
  13. Her posts usually come in threes manifesting the surprise of the century is her third post
  14. Unfortunately I did not read the lyrics to The Grants before changing my username Regardless, I'm obsessed and think this is the perfect intro to the album. DYKTATUOB feels like an eerie musical about Lana's life (where she's been, where she's going and how she got here) and I can't wait to listen in full next week This just feels different from COCC and especially BB releases to me, personally. The cinematic elements are back
  15. The Grants is so lush with beautiful lyrics omg. I love all of her recent talk about her family line and karmic lineage. Parts of the song remind me of Watercolor Eyes and the ending reminds me of Looking for America (in a good way bc godbless that cute song)
  16. I was not expecting that intro I have a feeling this album is going to dethrone UV, Honeymoon and NFR for me Her magnum opus coming 10+ years into her career, there is no one better
  17. she is absolutely on a roll, my god how is she even real and to think some thought she peaked with Norman and was just going to continue making slower more mild music she is truly the greatest
  18. This reminds me of when Ben or Ed said Lana was finally going to be able to pull *something special* off -- something they wanted to do for years and then.....nothing
  19. Why do I feel like this is related to when she left socials and said she wanted to spend time focusing on her multiple projects. I feel like she's been brewing up some surprises for awhile now
  20. Thanks for the teases @Brightsun do you agree with BoZ that this album is best experienced all at once from beginning to end? I guess I’m just wondering if there there is a clear narrative or not?
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