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  1. I had a very vivid dream about a Lana song a few weeks ago and of course couldn't remember any of the lyrics when I woke up. I do remember it had an ominous undertone and she was singing about running away to NYC when she was younger because her dad was sleeping with a lot of women I'm sorry, Rob
  2. I almost included COCC and BB but TJF and Arcadia just don't hit me as much as their albums first 2 songs But I still love them OT: What time will Neil post a zoomed in picture of flowers on his story today?
  3. Thanks for your hard work and commitment 👑 Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long Wednesday for her post
  4. It would be extra nice of Lana if she announced today or tmrw what time we can expect the announcement Wednesday
  5. This is the week we’ve been waiting for All of our theories, fake and real insiders, psychic dreams, tarot card readings and of course (maybe most important?) sc*t have brought us here It’s finally time for us to receive
  6. Why debate LDR9 or LDR10 when you could manifest Lana feeds us early and posts a gorgeous haunting witchy pic by Neil on IG tonight with zero caption to rev our engines
  7. Then we will obsess and overthink and argue over minute details as always
  8. Eclipse mentioned a proper rollout so I think it’s safe to say we aren’t getting an album Friday (which was delulu to think, really). I do, however, have a feeling the visuals and any music videos are in the bag and ready to go. Hopefully we will get a tight, well thought out, FUN rollout with interviews, great visuals, some singles and then album release in the early spring I can’t wait
  9. The sn*ppets on bird world app sound like the realest sn*ppets this era to me. I’m choosing to believe they’re real because this is very similar to how I want the album to sound #delulucember
  10. So I was looking at what @DragonWhore has said in the past (yes I have no life this weekend) and this is interesting: “I can give you a hint.... A song will be named after a very famous road to the North of San Francisco. Vague, I know, but still not trynna get my ass thrown in a court chair. I'm too pretty for jail.” This is something that can easily be verified (hopefully) Wednesday if we get the tracklist. Also this: we'll be seeing a little bit of everything. Some songs will have craycray beat drops and synth that will make you tingle in the naughty bits. But also we're going to see some creepy vibes that we've been wanting, bringing us into the 60s cult communes of the lost coast of Northern California.. They’ve been relaying the “creepy, foggy coast, cult” vibes since at least April when they posted above comments. I kind of believe them
  11. True, I think she is going to blow us away with the visuals. Like, we don't even have an album name to pull from to create our own theories and concepts. Whatever she gives us Wednesday is probably going to come out of left field and I cannot wait
  12. I just know this album is going to be full of BBS, DBJAG, Yosemite, BB, Dealer, Heroin, 13B, Old Money with splashes of Violet instrumentals like Bare Feet on Linoleum, Paradise is Very Fragile and Sportcruiser #delulucember
  13. I hope this is one of the many mysteries solved on December 7, 2022. I'd like it if Lana, Ben, etc. were all consistent in saying either LDR9 or LDRX so we don't debate this for the next hundred years
  14. Welcome back the thread has exploded in insider teases (fake and real alike), double album speculation, flower analysis, and horniness Delulucember is the time to be
  15. story tella stormi weatha god has cursed you baaaaaaaaaaby
  16. I missed this, sorry 👑 Elle!! OT: I wonder what if any teases Neil and Lana have in store for us today
  17. True. I just want concrete information, I’m too impatient to wait for Wednesday. Really needing that @111exclusive right about now
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