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  1. After spending the past weeks only listening to BB. Chemtrails hits different. I've always loved it. But damn I didnt realize how much I missed White Dress, Tulsa Jesus Freak, and Yosemite
  2. War In My Mind

    Taylor Swift

    I love the idea. Especially for early album releases. I hope Beyoncé co-opts the idea. I would love a re-release of Dangerously in Love with her mature voice.
  3. War In My Mind


    I want the black rated R vinyl, but 140$ is mad. I have the original white Anti release on vinyl but rated R is my fav prob rihanna album
  4. The only youtube reviewer that matters is ajay. The others, well :
  5. Yeah I dont like that we got ANOTHER red vinyl. BTD has a red variant Honeymoon has a red variant Does NFR? I can't remember But Chemtrails for sure does
  6. You rated BTD fourth and paradise 3, how does that make you a BTD twink Second, saying the songs after freak are just there is DISRESPECTFUL to Religion AND Blackest Day
  7. No I didn't add any filters or edit the photo at all. That's the color from my camera. Photo metadata 20211026_163251.jpg 12.2MP 3024 × 40323.9 MB samsung SM-G781U ƒ/1.81/305.4mmISO640 I posted a video of it playing on reddit:
  8. My order didn't come today like was given to me (the date). But I low key didnt expect it to. It shipped from Michigan on Friday and I live in Florida and I was like no way they drive their little fedex truck for 15 hours straight to Florida in 1 business day and 1 saturday. But now it's in Georgia so I'm p. confident I'll get it tomorrow (since I live in that old... Tallahassee)
  9. oh man I didnt even look at the lyrics elle posted. I hear rolls' every time. Didnt even think someone might hear horses.
  10. Im about to block Lana Del Rey as a liked item//twitter trend or whatever. Y'all play too much with ya fake interviews
  11. same I have hyper empathy so this post made me cry too
  12. I wrote an analysis on Violets for Roses on the lyric thread, so if you like that kinda ish please tip your waitress
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