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  1. After spending the past weeks only listening to BB. Chemtrails hits different. I've always loved it. But damn I didnt realize how much I missed White Dress, Tulsa Jesus Freak, and Yosemite
  2. War In My Mind

    Taylor Swift

    I love the idea. Especially for early album releases. I hope Beyoncé co-opts the idea. I would love a re-release of Dangerously in Love with her mature voice.
  3. War In My Mind


    I want the black rated R vinyl, but 140$ is mad. I have the original white Anti release on vinyl but rated R is my fav prob rihanna album
  4. The only youtube reviewer that matters is ajay. The others, well :
  5. Yeah I dont like that we got ANOTHER red vinyl. BTD has a red variant Honeymoon has a red variant Does NFR? I can't remember But Chemtrails for sure does
  6. You rated BTD fourth and paradise 3, how does that make you a BTD twink Second, saying the songs after freak are just there is DISRESPECTFUL to Religion AND Blackest Day
  7. No I didn't add any filters or edit the photo at all. That's the color from my camera. Photo metadata 20211026_163251.jpg 12.2MP 3024 × 40323.9 MB samsung SM-G781U ƒ/1.81/305.4mmISO640 I posted a video of it playing on reddit:
  8. My order didn't come today like was given to me (the date). But I low key didnt expect it to. It shipped from Michigan on Friday and I live in Florida and I was like no way they drive their little fedex truck for 15 hours straight to Florida in 1 business day and 1 saturday. But now it's in Georgia so I'm p. confident I'll get it tomorrow (since I live in that old... Tallahassee)
  9. oh man I didnt even look at the lyrics elle posted. I hear rolls' every time. Didnt even think someone might hear horses.
  10. Im about to block Lana Del Rey as a liked item//twitter trend or whatever. Y'all play too much with ya fake interviews
  11. same I have hyper empathy so this post made me cry too
  12. I wrote an analysis on Violets for Roses on the lyric thread, so if you like that kinda ish please tip your waitress
  13. This is slowly becoming a favorite track of mine so I wanted to a close reading of the lyrics. Hopefully, you enjoy and remember this is my interpretation of the song. The first line of the song echoes her song “Change” where she begins the song with “There’s something in the wind, I can feel it blowin’ in”, whereas in “Change” the song is eerie and is anticipating change, be it good or bad, in “Violets for Roses” the song immediately indicates that the/a change has already occurred, and we see it in the next two lines. Masks off and running happy, references the freedom (from COVID also making this song hyper-contemporary), but perhaps this is not necessarily true in the real world, since COVID is still running wild, it again echoes the album’s tone of the freedom and joy found in family. The second “stanza” or pre-chorus makes explicit another change that has occurred—a breakup. However, unlike most break-up songs, this is neither an angry declaration nor a sad one, rather a happy one. The freedom that comes with breaking-up with someone because you can reallocate the love back to yourself. Perhaps from a relationship so toxic that you forget who you are and what you like, highlighted by the first line, “ever since I fell out of love with you, I fell back in love with me.” In the chorus, there is the infamous line, “you made me trade my violets for roses,” a line perhaps not popular with the community but one that is nonetheless metaphorically symbolic. “Roses” have been known in poetry to represent love since medieval prose poetry. Similarly, violets are no stranger to Lana Del Rey’s own poetry (see: Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass). While in the titular poem, Violet is a child of seven-years old, it could be argued that Violet is a personification of her own desires. The poem’s first stanza is a contemplation of everything she wants to do which is clashed with the presence of Violet in the second stanza: and saw Violet bent backwards over the grass 7 years old with dandelions grasped tightly in her hands arched like a bridge in a fallen handstand grinning wildly like a madman with the exuberance that only doing nothing can bring waiting for the fireworks to begin Her seeing Violet, carelessly enjoying her life, leads the poetess to let her own worries go: and in that moment i decided to do nothing about everything forever. Other than the clear intertextuality with her own oeuvre, Violets are also known to be compared to roses in the well-known poem: Roses are red, violets are blue Sugar is sweet, and so are you. This poem, like Del Rey’s song, puts “violets” and “roses” in immediate contrast. The switching of placement in the chanteuse’s song, structurally emphasizes her identification with “violets” or her own desires, her own identity, with “roses” which represent love. Thus, “you made me trade my violets for roses,” is a confession, “you made me trade myself, my values, my joy for love.” A sentiment that harkens back to Del Rey’s third full-length album Honeymoon and the song “Terrance Loves You” where she confesses this pattern, “I lost myself, when I lost you”. The rest of the chorus’ lyrics echo these sentiments. About a lover who made her sacrifice each aspect of her individuality (be it cars, toenail polish) in negotiation for love. The chorus ends with a declaration that any love that forces a woman to do this, is a doomed one. The stanza that serves as the songs bridge repeats some of the lyrics from the first stanza of the song, but with this time a declaration of hope that this change is permanent. At first, the change being understood as this love for herself and the joy she finds in the everyday. While once again echoing perhaps the civil unrest that she first mentions in “Text Book” the opening track of Blue Banisters. Thus, with these final lines of this verse, the change she is mentioning is both the love she has for herself, but the change in society, macro and micro changes. The final pre-chorus sees the singer re-embracing things that she used to love before she fell in love, “I fell back in love with the streets” and “I breakdance to the beat” and “God, does it sound sweet, like it’s playing just for me”. All sentiments reinforced by the final chorus and the outro which reaffirm the toxicity that love can have and that it is important to stay yourself and not to sacrifice what you love about yourself in order to be loved, in doing so you’ll find that that person forcing those sacrifices does not love you but loves controlling you. In the final lines of the outro, Lana is watching the girls again but seeing in them her own mask is now off, that toxic love, and it makes [her] so happy.
  14. My Fedex shipping ID for the Vinyl has updated to a tomorrow delivery. We did it joe. Cant wait to see the Blue cover with yellow vinyl in person.
  15. Not the Arcadia slander. It's okay I'll save you baby girl 1. Text Book 16 2. Blue Banisters 15 3. Arcadia 14 (+1) 5. Black Bathing Suit 21 6. If You Lie Down With Me 20 7. Beautiful 13 8. Violets for Roses 18 9. Dealer 16 10. Thunder 17 11. Wildflower Wildfire 17 12. Nectar of the Gods 16 13. Living Legend 16 14. Cherry Blossom 11 (-1) 15. Sweet Carolina 14
  16. I think it will be the American classics/standards record
  17. So I'm stanning Ajayy's review of Blue Banisters The textbook love! Taste!
  18. Well I think it was filmed yesterday, at least based on the posts from the set that Lana posted on the Honeymoon account
  19. But we knew it wouldnt be a live performance. She just IG lived from a hotel in California and isnt the Colbert show filmed in NYC. ED: if it were california it would be called the afternoon show innit
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