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  1. Tame Impala, It Might Be Time played sometimes at my work and I hate it so much
  2. I loved the animated series as a kid but this looks like absolute shit I won't spend a minute of my time on.
  3. jvcx


    I'm a day late but happy birthday to Vulnicura! Took me a while to learn to love the record back then but once I did it hit me hard. I've said this dozens of times already but it's definitely in my "Holy Trinity" top 3 with Homogenic and Utopia as I really just can't rank her albums. My boyfriend sometimes wonders how I can listen to such a heavy record so much (he's a fan as well but definitely not in the same proportion as I am) and so did my parents when I lived back home, lying on my bed for hours with the record on repeat. It's definitely heavy and full of heartbreak, disappointment and anger but I personally don't find it depressing at all as I somehow find so much serenity and relief in the songs and the arrangements. My number one favorite record to listen to on my walks in the forest - there's nothing better than walking in nature and breathing fresh air with songs like Stonemilker and Black Lake gently playing in your ears. Definitely one of the turning points in my life, thank you Björk Also Notget is the shit! I literally do those ritualistic-like dance moves of hers when I'm alone at home
  4. jvcx


    Bitch milked it when she was big and now we only get like 10 songs every three or four years and a few remixes I want b-sides! I want Utopia Flutes! I want Losss remixes! I want a Björk Orchestral album! I want something! At least there's the Sonos radio thing to look forward to, I'm really interested in hearing what she likes to listen to. Then there are the Björk Orchestral streams in the Spring and my concert in June but really... it's hard out here. I'm currently trying to scrape together some of the singles that have my favorite b-sides and I even found some of them being sold in Finland but 7,90€ and shipping for I Miss You? Really? At least I finally copped the Mouth Mantra (The Haxan Cloak Mix) LP... I just really want this Hymn song to be for The Northman so we could get at least something if not the lead single for B10 by the end of the year. Imagine it being featured in the first trailer and then dropped on digital with physical LP singles announced... oh if only
  5. jvcx


    What are the most recent leaks we have? Trance and Softly from Volta?
  6. jvcx


    Leak Móðir! Lowkey a bop
  7. I don't know which I find more disturbing, the English dub (you just don't watch Ghibli films dubbed) or the 3D CGI animation - it does look like a Ghibli animation but at the same time it looks so... lifeless. I know traditional 2D animation takes very much time and effort but 3D CGI isn't that easy either, considering it took them four years to make this film and the end result looks like this. Apparently Goro Miyazaki didn't want the animation to be as detailed and photorealistic as Pixar animations but maybe they should've gone into that direction, considering their 2D animations are incredibly detailed. I'm definitely interested in seeing this and I think the cat is a very nice nod to Kiki's Delivery Service (I had a Jiji plushie as a kid), maybe the Japanese voice actors give the characters some personality they lack with the English cast.
  8. jvcx

    Kylie Minogue

    Yeah I was watching the DVD and thought exactly the same... need her back
  9. jvcx

    Kylie Minogue

    Speakerphone is underrated
  10. jvcx

    Ricky Martin

    There's probably a very minimal audience (if any) for the Livin' La Vida Loca heartthrob papi Enrique Martín Morales, the Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, actor, author, humanitarian and the "Latin Music King" here on LB so let me just take this opportunity to toot my own horn and publicly declare my neverending love for him To be brutally honest I don't even listen to any other Latin music though I probably should, but his material just hits me and I've been both a fan and thirsting over him for a decade, no joke. He seems like such a kind and loving soul, a devoted father and husband, his energy is so serene and there's just so much warmth to him. I really wish I could speak fluent Spanish so I could understand some of the lyrics without having to look up translations and I wish I had been old enough to jump on the 90's mass hysteria bandwagon when he was big even in Finland, making appearances on some random ass Finnish TV shows and all that but I was a freaking toddler. At least it's easy to find CD singles without having to buy them overseas. I don't really care for the hits like Livin' La Vida Loca and María that much (though I admit they're good) as my favorite records from him by far are Música + Alma + Sexo released in 2011 and its 2005 predecessor Life, some of my most played tracks being Más and I Don't Care (feat. Fat Joe & Amerie) and more recently, Adrenalina (feat. Jennifer Lopez & Wisin). I'm also obsessed with Self Control covers these days so Que Día Es Hoy has been a real guilty pleasure of mine recently. Not speaking Spanish I haven't been able to connect with the 2015 record A Quien Quiera Escuchar as much as the other records, ofc they're mostly in Spanish as well but they have more of bangers (I love La Mordidita though). His latest EP PAUSA is pretty good but I kinda have the same problem with it. To conclude my fangirling, I don't know which I wish for more, for him to tie me up in some basement in his gorgeous Beverly Crest house and use me as he pleases or to adopt me into his loving family. But I guess my only options are to wish he'd release music more frequently and to aspire to age as gracefully as he has and peak in my 40s Oh and I'm still bitter my parents made me choose between his and Britney's concert tickets back in 2011 even though his concert was in our hometown. I just had to go with Britney Discography Ricky Martin (1991) Me Amaras (1993) A Medio Vivir (1995) Vuelve (1998) Ricky Martin (1999) Sound Loaded (2000) Almas Del Silencio (2003) Life (2005) Música + Alma + Sexo (2011) A Quien Quiera Escuchar (2015) PAUSA (2020)
  11. The nominees to represent Finland are a fucking joke once again... I am so done with the Finnish Broadcasting Company being in charge I just don't want Finland to participate anymore. Their songs haven't been released and they haven't even been officially announced yet - some Spanish ESC fan account leaked them on Twitter with receipts - but it's already over for us...
  12. Would go straight to being possibly her best album cover so far
  13. jvcx

    Azealia Banks

    I wish nothing but good luck to the next tenants... I have nothing against Indians but it really took us months to get rid of the smell of curry and cumin in our current apartment so I can only imagine how bad it must be like in Azealia's after all the stuff she's been up to
  14. Exactly... she asks about the sound of the album and forgets the question over the course of like 30 seconds the broken chimney incident took? You'd think a question like that would be a big one, you are running a show focused on *drumroll* music after all. And then she just shrugs, proceeding to ask how 2020 was for Lana even though she had only negative publicity in 2020 because of all the controversies she brought on herself. How on earth is that a good idea unless she intended it as a trap? I have no idea who this Annie girl is (I have no reason whatsoever to listen to BBC as I don't even listen to the radio in my own country lol) but I can't say she felt like a true professional to me.
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