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  1. started saying she hated Sucker? Or Superlove?
  2. what would an AI twitter feed look like if it was fed 6 thousand pages worth of comments from this thread?
  3. Does anyone have the full version of Deadstream without the added vocal effects?
  4. Trophy is on Need For Speed: Unbound
  5. I think back to this interview a lot https://crackmagazine.net/article/long-reads/charli-xcx-pull-up-to-the-party/
  6. I've been thinking about the first snippet for like 4 years now
  7. Angels that were around for the Rrring + WGFU palm springs backyard pool party premiere + cupcakke & brooke candy performance//Globelamp//jake germain//random twink doing a ripoff of Dance All Night on soundcloud//Charli's art school project vids resurfacing//pre XCX world leak//Bounce choreo leaking//Cuts Like Diamonds still being available on youtube//Charli having a snapchat account//Charli teasing N1A snippets in her car//rumored CTMP video era PLEASE RISE
  8. Can someone PM me a current master post please? I missed a few leaks from of the past couple of years
  9. I got this file back in 2018 (I think) and the snippet at 1:05 is still unidentified does anyone know what it is? https://onlyfiles.io/f/c174b032823949feb95cd1be9a4bbfd5
  10. Where can I listen to it?
  11. well that's not as galaxy brain
  12. Just realized Charli's "lock it up 21 savage" lyric in 100 was talking about how 21 savage was in jail in Sweden LMAOO
  13. Remember when a few members tried to make a Charliboards website
  14. I thought there was gonna be an XCX bop on the UglyDolls soundtrack?
  15. Charli: collabs with a rising star, who she's friends with Gays: queen of social climbing, did the label put you up to this? Charli: collabs with slayyyter Gays:
  16. but... but the gays love to play the role of a music industry insider!!!
  17. Has this thread been exciting for the past 500 pages or are you fatties still complaining about Charli's bangs
  18. best joke this year is Azealia Banks saying she has pride LMFAO
  19. If Yungblud and Sucker Era Charli linked up in an alternate universe... let's just say we appreciate power! I'm still not over the snippet at 1:05, does anyone know it? https://picosong.com/wS5dk
  20. The XCX drought is so bad that y'all are drooling over Pop The Balloons... it's a sad day to be an Angel THE POWER THAT THAT MOMENT HAS!!! UGH Same with the "I'm in your hand" outro on Take My Hand
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