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  1. has anyone considered her idea of "screaming her head off" might be...noir
  2. i just read this thread jesus what is wrong with this lady
  3. just ordered yellow vinyl waiting for the red vinyl to go up in value and i'll sell it...hopefully it becomes as wanted as uv/honeymoon alternate cover
  4. xcxlove


    well this is amazing but i feel horrible for her
  5. xcxlove


    i cant believe this. on her tour for product i was too young to get in and she answered my email and put me on the guestlist. a true genuine person. i miss her. i cant believe this
  6. @Eclipse will she ever repress that vinyl lol
  7. maybe if she repressed the vinyl this wouldnt be happening
  8. does anyone have a screenshot of her insta post
  9. can someone send their version of BB&S which wouldve been the best pop album of 2010
  10. xcxlove


    ok but does anyone have the transnation album leak...
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