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    Are you s Are you serious? Can you pm the link?
  2. She just chose the suitable words the rhythm of the songs.
  3. Where? Isn't that the place that you belong? And I'm pretty sure I don't want any interaction with you.
  4. Ok, I read what he said, but I came here from other pop forums and they may have another way in making the threads. I do see the point of my thread and acording to my previous experience at least I don't see any problem. People here are also fewer and less active, and I found it easier to ask you about possible leaks doing a thread rather than posting in old threads or sending pms. It seems that people can be on topic. GROUNDBREAKING. Thank you for your response.
  5. So basically you complain about this thread being useless still you came here posting this? Fans are getting bored, Lana release something.
  6. So because you didn't logged on 2 seconds ago it means you're right? Get outside of the house, lady, I have accounts in more pop forums than double of your age. I am fan since 2013 (I don't need this site to be a Lana fan) so I'm pretty sure I don't have newbie questions but ideas for topics discussing lana things since I thought this is the main reasons this site existed, but it seems it's just a place for bored and offended people. And it seems that moderation is not a thing either. (so sorry but some people here are cvnts). And now you just prove the last line. No wonder why there are so many people here. I might be controversial, but at least I'm not boring like a considerable amount of people here.
  7. Everybody is complaning about this thread here. I really want to see yor first one. Is it as iconis as mine? I doubt it.
  8. So what are you doing here 5 hours since it was posted little twink ?
  9. I I agree but still it wasn't that hard for the critics.
  10. I'm not surprised it's hard for this fanbase to recognize Honeymoon as her best album.
  11. I guess we can call it ''unreleased'' if it's that important. Also this is my first topic and people on this site should be more nice with the newbies 'cause as Born To Die gets older I don't think there'll be loads of them. Screw you, hoeney.
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