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  1. that song is trash omg leave it like it is .. shes like twin the you and me the radio both garbaaggge
  2. @1000Times leak some kiss me to sleep , breathe out and if i cried from hifn yup yup
  3. lol the music dump was suppose to be a bunch of ctrl outtakes to hold us off before the new album ... sis keeps flaking on everything ultimately i see this damaging her career cause eventually people will stop giving a fuck
  4. FellReallyHard4U

    Miley Cyrus

    yeah someone was selling it for 1000 dollars and 100 to a selected few lol honestly its not worth ... i want the rest of simc tracks likes never run away and day and night hoping the full hq of golden g string demo leaks cause i prefer it over the final because of the christmas vibe it had before it sounded more like a real pop ballad imo
  5. FellReallyHard4U

    Miley Cyrus

    rubberband is being sold it might leak soon but looking at the prices it might not lmfao
  6. Sticky HQ https://dbree.org/v/160076
  7. i honestly dont see her dropping the new album this year sis can never make up her mind
  8. someone leak psycho lovers in hq thanks
  9. FellReallyHard4U

    Miley Cyrus

    Golden G String Demo this is a super higher quality then what we had before ...still missing the intro https://dbree.org/v/1e1dc3
  10. id say dreams has the most potential ... but if she was still putting together pop 2 and hadnt released it already i could see 20 steps fitting on their
  11. not the drama sksksk the girlies in this thread stay mad over something its either a song or not asking for photoshoots or just simply others opinion seem to make some of you guys wanna have a meltdown hahaha i get a laugh out of either it way its kinda entertaining i fear how some of you act offline over small things
  12. Just a conspiracy 😭
  13. and to think were actually getting a new album this year probably omg
  14. you were amazing sweetie come back with closer in the next life
  15. im crying i can finally go full blown ryn weaver now and dissappear
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