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  1. The fact that she said she already knows where she is going with her next record and is never going anywhere... YASSSSS
  2. I don’t understand the obsession with the HMV cover with her wonky eye and clashing blue cover with the red vinyl. Not cute. I think the original cover, as ugly as it may be, is a better representation of the albums aesthetic, from what we have seen so far. Lana walking through green hills in a flowing dress doesn’t relate to Chemtrails for me... maybe honeymoon or lust for life.
  3. Lana looking desperate to prove she’s cool with black people is not a cute look. Erase that IG comment from my brain please!
  4. Oh man I don’t even know what to say. I am a disappointed Lana stan today. I can’t believe her label approved that cover. and her comment in the comments is cringe.
  5. Am I the only STOKED that we are going to be getting our vinyls the week of release??? I think that was such a good decision they made to postpone the album. Usually we have to wait months for the vinyls to arrive!!
  6. Ok thanks! I think since Lana already announced the pre-order date weeks ago, we can’t expect anything today or even at midnight US time. I think she will post everything at one time sometime tomorrow mid-morning US PST!
  7. is that when she announced the pre-order tho?? Or had she announced the pre-order date in advance like with COCC???
  8. Wait I’m confused!! Tomorrow is the 11th? Why are we expecting something today?
  9. Didn’t they also say Yosemite was being released last week? Lol
  10. We are all on the same page that the album cover is most likely to be b&w right??? The red font wouldn’t go well with any other color palette IMO. I am happy about it! Especially if it’s some spooky cover!
  11. Where is your taste sis?? That photo with the wolf is a MOOD... iconic... legendary... gurls would be shaking.
  12. March 5 totally makes sense because physicals will be ready to ship by then. I think that release date is legit!
  13. I might be the only one but I hope the album isnt released before the physicals are ready to ship. Yes I want the album, but I’m not here for 50k first week sales. People will come for her. I can be patient a little bit longer. But drop another single!!
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