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  1. It's Whatever - Turn The Page - Best Friends - I Am Music
  2. If by bombastic we get a Gwen Stefani pop record (L.A.M.B.) that would be great. Gwen is underrated as a predecessor to so many post-00s works... We wouldn't have had Born To Die, or Fame, without Gwen's music thru the 90s-00s, and of course not without just wait til you get your little hands on L.A.M.B.
  3. I know, It doesn’t make a difference to me, each to their own you little cunt
  4. oh and didn't gaga collab with r kelly in like 2013 it doesn't get more tone deaf and simultaneously fully aware and intentional than that wish they coulda seen u when we booed u off in williamsburg !
  5. um...... r kelly ? i don't particularly look up to the people behind led zeppelin, the rolling stones or the beatles yet a couple of these records are my favourites of all time so idk
  6. 1. Text Book 15 2. Blue Banisters 14 - 5. Black Bathing Suit 28 6. If You Lie Down With Me 22 8. Violets for Roses 17 9. Dealer 25 10. Thunder 19 11. Wildflower Wildfire 25 12. Nectar of the Gods 11 13. Living Legend 21 14. Cherry Blossom 15 15. Sweet Carolina 15 +
  7. 1. Text Book 17 2. Blue Banisters 16 3. Arcadia 13 5. Black Bathing Suit 23 6. If You Lie Down With Me 21 7. Beautiful 7 - 8. Violets for Roses 16 9. Dealer 22 10. Thunder 15 11. Wildflower Wildfire 18 12. Nectar of the Gods 14 13. Living Legend 20 14. Cherry Blossom 7 15. Sweet Carolina 15 +
  8. omg hahahaha. I see it used so often and it goes back so many years lol i just (incorrectly here) generally assume when I see it used that people don't know Tommy
  9. me seeing people use the tommy emote in vain / sarcastically / not purposed for the greater good [of the whole world] don't do luberg like that
  10. oh how i like the way you say my name DO YOU LIKE THE WAY I SAY YOURS TOO
  11. FUCK I forgot when we're in a pre/post-album period people start making those shitty mock tracklists every 3rd post sign me out
  12. I expected to feel that way but I'm not really overplaying the album to where it's noticeable... plus kind of fair play for a revenge album
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