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  1. sxcx


    new music finally! https://www.instagram.com/p/CrtvxK1OBXl/?hl=en (allegedly called Hangover and coming May 12th)
  2. lmao what ever happened to the NTFM 10th anniversary vinyl reissue she talked about?
  3. sxcx


    Still so sad the album with Galaxies and Looking for Love in the Wrong Place never came out, those songs are HITS
  4. sxcx

    Cruel Youth

    yeah it's part of the soundtrack for the new movie The Invitation
  5. sxcx

    Aly & AJ

    can you share the Hothouse album in lossless? I know it leaked years ago but can't seem to find it anymore
  6. sxcx


    thanks for the update, I'm so excited to finally have an album from her! do we know if the album will be consistent with the sound of the singles she's been putting out or is it going to be something more pop?
  7. sxcx

    Charli XCX

    hey guys - what's the best mix we have of CTMP in lossless? <3
  8. ALSO: when Niykee Heaton was being held hostage at Capitol - she learned how to produce her own stuff and started her own website where she'd constantly upload new rough demos for her fans for free. Her constant output led to her building an online following. Then she self-funded her own tour and someone from Capitol ended up going to one of her shows and being impressed with the following she'd created, so they finally gave her a small window to be able to release a full project. From what someone said in this thread before - it sounds like a similar thing happened with Sky - she was held hostage until someone at the label realized they could directly capitalize on her momentum, (of course, no thanks to them), and gave her a small window to put a project together for release. It's a shitty way to run a label, but it's not just happening to Sky. I wonder if she had their permission to post her Voices Carry cover on soundcloud, because that ended up creating a lot of buzz. If she continued doing stuff like that idk why the label wouldn't want to capitalize off of it. Idk why that was the last we heard from her since.
  9. idk if anyone else remembers Niykee Heaton but she was also signed to Capital and had similar issues with them as Sky and DeathByRomy did. She made a really interesting video talking about it here:
  10. sxcx

    Kim Petras

    Kim has to have the worst friends ever bc they've all just somehow made it worse for her lmaoooo
  11. sxcx

    Avril Lavigne

    the new album is EVERYTHING
  12. sxcx

    Bonnie McKee

    so where are we putting Waking Up Diagonal on the tracklist?
  13. sxcx

    Charli XCX

    okay random but did Bella Thorne actually record a demo of X-Ray Specs? like is there proof of that anywhere or was it just a rumor?
  14. sxcx

    Charli XCX

    wait so are the CTMP stems missing that little effect thing on the first verse?
  15. sxcx

    Avril Lavigne

    LOVE the new song !! this is the sound we've all been wanting from her again, so happy !!
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