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  1. sxcx


    SO happy about these! Apparently she said on IG live that both these songs will be on spotify/streaming as soon as her contract is done. I wonder if the version she posted of Coma is just a demo, because Teddy is clearly singing on the chorus, but it's mixed really weird. Like it sounds like Kiiara just didn't record her voice on it yet or something, idk. Still happy to finally hear it, but hope the final version has Kiiara singing on the chorus tbh !!
  2. sxcx

    Ryn Weaver

    glad the Pierre Siren Session is finally on streaming at least, (I think it was a Target bonus track at the time?)
  3. sxcx


    when she was performing those songs she said she didn't have the production filed anymore so they're lost forever lmao. Idk what happened with her and Felix but guessing they're not speaking anymore since she could probably just ask him for them
  4. sxcx


    can u share? <3
  5. sxcx


    yeah they truly messed up by waiting so long to release her album. she has a bop like Coma and they won't even let her release it, ugh so much potential going to waste
  6. sxcx


    Her label isn't letting her release music so she posted a song she's been trying to put out on soundcloud - it's actually really good !! FREE KIIARA
  7. sxcx

    Kacey Musgraves

    loving the album! jw - does anyone have this version of the cover in better quality / square so I can use it to replace the original cover? Love this one so much better tbh.
  8. sxcx

    Tommy Genesis

    the album is SO good! I actually loved the last two songs
  9. sxcx

    Maty Noyes

    literally OBSESSED with this song and video! can't wait for the album <3
  10. sxcx

    Maty Noyes

    California Palms is SO good !! did she confirm the album's date anywhere?
  11. sxcx

    Zella Day

    um... people are allowed to be dissapointed she'd work with a man who's abused two different women in many ways (Mars Argo AND Poppy)... idk what your problem is ??? and gtfo with "he struggles with mental illness / suicidal thoughts" like FUCK OFF, so do I and I don't go around abusing people. it doesn't mean we don't like the music or the video, Titanic always does great work, but we're allowed to be disappointed that Zella would still be friends with and work with someone who caused others so much harm. not a hard concept to grasp.
  12. sxcx

    Sasha Sloan

    she randomly changed her name on all platforms (including streaming) to Sasha Alex Sloan... anyone know why?
  13. sxcx


    did Bootycall ever leak in a like listenable quality?
  14. sxcx

    Aly & AJ

    did anyone manage to save the Hothouse album in lossless back from the original leak?
  15. sxcx

    Porcelain Black

    the way she has SO much potential but never comes through... like why is Thorns STILL not on spotify? like does she not want to make money? I don't get it
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