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  1. I expect nothing so our queen can blow me away with stunning vintage dresses and amazing footage shot in the desert.
  2. The bridge I- Otherwise I like it, it's nothing new or groundbreaking but still. It has something to it and so far I really like the lyrics and I can see the midwestern-sounding direction she was talking about.
  3. Elsemarie159

    Taylor Swift

    Her ACM performance gave me LIFE. Her no make up look, the curly hair, the boss pants - I loved it Praying for a European tour next year, something like the planned Lover Fest but all in stripped down Folklore style, please M'am.
  4. That was exactly my first thought when I saw the snippet on Instagram. Why pulling the kitties in front of the camera in a bathtub and rubbing them with foam
  5. I'm so sorry but I really don't like the blonde, she looks so old and dull with that hair color I would prefer a light warm brown.
  6. Who is K? What really happened between you and your teacher? What was your plan B if your singing career would have not worked out for you? edit: What does the M tattoo really mean?
  7. I just CAN'T believe how young and fresh she would look like without those fillers Is there any way to go back to normal or does your skin get kind of saggy so you are forced to keep getting fillers?
  8. All those fillers.... I will never understand why she started ruining her beautiful face.
  9. At this point of time I'm so dissappointed and the fandom is so dry that I started stanning taylor swift instead
  10. That was the very first thing that came to my mind when I read the news. Sadly I'm not even surprised about the cancelled tour. Lana, I love you but sometimes... Anyways I hope she feels better soon!
  11. Does that mean that Lana is the new Eva Braun and has grandchildren with Harvey?
  12. That dress with the cutouts is amazing Keep them cute little dresses coming and please no more gramma dresses made out ouf curtains...
  13. If I had not to worry about money, I would grab my Berlin tickets and go to the concert just to buy some merch and skip the show itself I really want the bag and the key chain thing.
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