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  1. Pocket Gay

    Kali Uchis

    Can someone rip the Creep performance into an MP3 format?
  2. Pocket Gay

    Kim Petras

    Song is alright but why did she drown out the high note? That's messed up!
  3. Found a decent single cover for anyone wants it (found it on tumblr):
  4. Anyone have a good fanmade cover for this yet?
  5. Is there a masterpost of her shelvesd Nashe album songs?
  6. Pocket Gay

    Brooke Candy

    Does anyone have an alternate artwork for the album?
  7. listening to this album and my gosh:
  8. Just got into her and I can't wait to hear her album.
  9. Pocket Gay

    Kim Petras

    Try dbree or GoogleDrive or Mega.nz
  10. Pocket Gay

    Brooke Candy

    yas, stan ashikko! p.s. do you happen to have her EP by any chance?
  11. you can always check on https://hitsebeats.eu/ or https://www.pluspremieres.nz/ as they recently reuploaded her stuff.
  12. Pocket Gay


    Devil is my favorite song off this mixtape. The Britney-esque vocals/lyrics, the homage to No Doubt's Hella Good, and the overall production!!!
  13. Pocket Gay


    me listening to this mixtape
  14. Absolutely loved the video and song. My only critique is that Lana should've had better outfits or at least more sleek (minus the red robe) looks and that she should've at least had more vocals within the song, like ad-libs or harmonizing with Ariana or something.
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