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    pretty people covered in blood
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  1. Volta


    Do we have a date for the album Scripture is on?
  2. Volta


    Happy birthday to one of Björk’s best works, Utopia!
  3. she needs to rent an electric guitar and let the girls know she can serve again
  4. Volta

    Charli XCX

    it’s not that serious… you’re reading into this too much i just wanna hear those songs live LOL
  5. Volta

    Tori Amos

    queen of pop
  6. Volta

    Melanie Martinez

    ahh thank you so much!!
  7. Volta

    Melanie Martinez

    i downloaded the mm3 sessions, but does anyone have a masterpost to her other unreleased? can't find it anywhere
  8. Volta

    Melanie Martinez

    wait i don’t keep up with her LOL is it actually confirmed to be called fairy soirée?
  9. Volta

    Melanie Martinez

    nice tracklist! what title are you using?
  10. Volta


    yes what’s your point?
  11. hmmm maybe but i think the trio already fucked up the vibe lol. it’s very out of place and i don’t understand why she made it… the sample is one thing, but the trap beat is just odd
  12. Volta

    Kanye West

    kanye is a phenomenal artist btw
  13. Volta

    Charli XCX

    one of her best songs iktr!
  14. Volta

    Charli XCX

    if she doesn’t do roll with me or anything from xcx world there will be blood spilt
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