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  1. Cold is definitely not the same song as IWNFLH. Cold has Rokman fake crying on the track and that's why she's never putting it out lol. The other title was No Mercy and it was also unfinished.
  2. Where tf is Reload
  3. Does anyone have a cute fan-made BBS album, with every song intended for the album (India, the latest version of Hello, etc?)
  4. thank you to whoever is sharing those! Redlight District (Real HQ) : https://dbree.org/v/0efc39 Rock Angels (Snippet) : https://dbree.org/v/67ca98 Unknown PATT (Snippet) : https://dbree.org/v/03bc94
  5. So, was I the only one annoyed that they cut the beginning of the song AND the ending for the music video ?
  6. FuckMyMakeup0ff


    It's a cute song but I hope she will release more songs like what could have been K.I.D's second album (Hypersex/Get It Done) ^_^
  7. Un, deux, trois, quatre
  8. Is this new info? I recall she said she had shot a music video for this song but that it got cancelled at some point?
  9. It's not lol, she doesn't say OUI-AH in the real song
  10. 12 songs on the album, 6 more on the deluxe version. Can we hope that she releases Somber on the deluxe? (Source)
  11. Nous attendons le futur, Kim.
  12. Has someone turned the Grubhub performance into an album that would look cute for iTunes?
  13. Sound Bites by Grubhub: Kim Petras + Troye Sivan - YouTube New performance + new song @ 13:35
  14. Taste!! My least fav for each era would be : Transparent / Sweeter/ I Will Never Feel Like Home. Lyrics are cute but they're all kinda forgettable imo.
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