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    Charli XCX needs to do us all a favour and release/leak no angel, sticky and taxi
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  1. is any1 getting the cassettes alongside the vinyls.. like r they gone be cute.?
  2. ): this discord makes me sad
  3. i dont even want no angel to leak if charli plans to release it... but what justice is there if taxi is scrapped n will never see the light of day.. ?
  4. me bopping to the sad snippet of Girls thinking about boys
  5. o omfg legit this, i was thinking that Charliboards is the /b/ of lanaboards
  6. we need like some sort of post summing up the entire leak thing n who leaked what... like im v confused as to who has what and who leaked what... and why certain tracks wont leak
  7. me, depressed, waiting for the exchange tracks.
  8. im confusd by leakers logic saying they dont want to leak taxi, that is supposedly over and done with n scrapped... because they dont have the right to... but they leaked pretty much the entire XCX3 album n had no issue with that?? ?
  9. wait if u supposedly have XCX3 do u supposedly have NA/other tracks that were meant to be on the album?
  10. like sticky will ever be leaked in HQ
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