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  1. I agree with this so hard, you perfectly summed up my feelings since LFL. I just listened to BB and even though I didn't expect much, I was still disappointed. The Interlude and maybe Dealer are the only exiting things for me on this album. I'm not saying her other songs are bad and her voice is just as beautiful as ever but the homogeneous mixture of slow ballads just so boring. What I liked most about her was, how she was able to mix different genres and samples, that usually don't go together, into a song and album that surprisingly harmonizes well. For me, every song on BTD, UV, HM and maybe LFL had a different feel to it, they sounded diffent on their own while still being somewhat similar but still worked and fit well together in an album. I don't have that feel anymore. I don't know if her artistry changed or she became lazy or whatever, but her songs now are nowhere near as experimental and exciting as they used to be. Thunder's Demo was way more interesting that the album version on BB imo. I will never forget the strings on HM, the sick ass guitars and bass on UV and the beats on BTD and her voice with a piano in between all of them. Now, her albums since LFL are just a snooze fest for me. She can do happy songs and lyrics all she wants, I just wish she would express it in a more exciting way again.
  2. I think Blue Banisters Album is already out for Europe. Just heard it on youtube. Favourite track is the Interlude lol
  3. hah I'll believe it when I see it.
  4. oh my god I cant do this September thing AGAIN. LANA PLEASE
  5. Jade

    Instagram Updates

    I thought the part about her changing the world was about her native american charity thing? At least that was my initial thought
  6. Jade

    Instagram Updates

    she looks soo good in her story but jesus christ her driving makes me anxious also, I hope it's NOT her holding the phone while driving with one foot on the dashboard wtf girl
  7. after that 5th Sep COCC fiasco we could very well just call ourselves clowns or delulus lol
  8. ohh yeah it does. I'm sure its the same one just cropped, even the tree and leaves are the same! but I honestly don't care that much if its real or not, I'm still waiting for news from Lana herself
  9. allegedly this is the picture in question I have no idea if this is fake tho, someone posted it on reddit, so take it with a grain of salt
  10. Jade

    Instagram Updates

    I've seen a doctor talk on youtube about it, that fillers don't really dissolve but move around (not sure anymore if they do not dissolve at all or just take longer that the aprox. 6 months). That's why a lot of people get them redone, thinking the filler is dissolving/gone, so they end up stacking and piling up fillers, because the new one will move again after some time, giving the illusion it dissolved. That's why Kylie Jenner and many other Instacelebs that are known to regularly do fillers, end up having kind of a round and puffy face after a while, because they're piling up the fillers and the old one "fills" another part of the face. For anyone interested, just look up Dr. Gavin Chan on youtube, he explains things quite clear and easy understandable. I hope Lana doesn't ruin her face with it, she is so beautiful and I'd be a shame if she ended up with a puffy face. disclaimer (so I won't get lynched lol): I don't care about fillers or anyone who does them, I just wanted to state interesting facts and my concern for Lana, thats all
  11. Jade

    Instagram Updates

    I thought about mentioning it but decided not to, because I'm not sure how "off-topic" we're allowed to get in here and I didn't want to spark another war about old news lmao sorry I'm not that active so I don't know. But yeah, she sang for free at their wedding, so her deciding to criticise Kanye wasn't even that big of a reach imo since they're at least acquainted. But WilshireBoulevard also made a good point, there may have been something more behind it, whether subconcious or not by her. Anyways, I only brought Kanye up again because someone earlier wanted her to take a jab at trump like taylor to show that she isn't a MAGA supporter but she already did that - though indirectly through Kanye. Edit: spelling & grammar
  12. Jade

    Instagram Updates

    You made some very good points and I admit, as an asian person from Europe I perceive these Black/White issues and topics in America differently than the people who are actually involved. I'm just recognizing a trend on social media to label everyone as a racist as soon as different ethnicities come into play, even though may not even be a racial issue in the first place. While I do understand why people have very strong feelings about this topic I also try to offer a third view, one that is not as heatedly involved and maybe be a bit more neutral than the white american vs. black american. Side note, America wouldn't probably be in half of this mess if it handled and processed it's history differently. From my perspective, I never really perceived Lana as a racist. Maybe ignorant and awkward from time to time but nothing bad enough to justify all the hate she gets now and I suspect most of the harsh criticism she gets is because she's white. And yes, while there may be some underlying racial elements as to why she picked Kanye, imo it takes a lot more than that to actually qualify as a racist - at least in her case. She may've been an opportunist but I never saw her as a racist.
  13. Jade

    Instagram Updates

    from the comments, articles and other sources I've seen they had a problem with her because she never openly took any political stand (which is wrong) and her allegedly first move was against a black person / Kanye. Trying to not go too off topic here, but I always thought it was ridiculous, because I was under the impression she said something because they were somewhat acquainted. Whether her callout was right or wrong - I don't have an opinion on that I was just replying to the person I quoted - just because it may have been an easy move, doesn't mean it was a racist one but people jumped on that racist thing real quick just because Kanye is black and Lana is white, fabricating all kinds of stories and spreading misinformation about her. don't jinx it
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