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  1. do we have LMR in HQ I cannot find it anywhere
  2. I want more L+F leaks I've loved all of them
  3. I'm a Capricorn so my suns in Capricorn and my moon is in Cancer, I'm half cocc
  4. I think it's the acoustic guitar, all her lizzy material and GBAAATBWII/PSB/TLY are some of her best songs
  5. Starry Eyed is one of lana's best songs
  6. here are three i made really quick (remini botched the second one)
  7. i’m buying the red vinyl tomorrow pls don’t let it sell out
  8. 1 - Born To Die 2- Honeymoon 3 - Chemtrails Over The Country Club 4 - Norman Fucking Rockwell 5- Ultraviolence 6- Lust For Life
  9. tbh since the website has a target sticker on it, im gonna wait and see if there is a US target exclusive
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