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  1. CinnamonGirl

    Miley Cyrus

    I need Hate Me on the album that is one of her best songs
  2. Sweetener > My Everything > Dangerous Woman > TUN > My Everything > Positions
  3. not really, I think the closest if "off the table"
  4. Shut Up is SO CUTE love the strings and the vocals but the lyrics are very weak 34+35 is cute too and is very smexy and i love that but it sounds pretty similar to Shut Up Motive ft Doja is very dancy but the lyrics are weak and it sounds pretty basic and Doja did nothing new Just Like Magic sounds just like every track before and the lyrics are super weak again since her albums have always had pretty good lyrics imo this is hella disappointing sounds like a big youtuber cash grab song Off The Table is definitely the best song so far it goes in deeper than the other songs lyrically and the vocals/production is so chill also the weeknd did great on it Six Thirty reminds me a bit of Make Up but not as good? I don’t know this song is a lil weird I really like the verses but the “are you down wassup” chorus is not the best Safety Net is really cute I really like the beginning about how she’s at peace with her past and the melody is really pretty Ty did good but I wish it were solo and they did a remix with him instead My Hair is cute the low notes are stunning and it’s really reminiscent of some sexy Mariah songs tbh Nasty also reminds me of Mariah like A LOT it’s very loud in the beginning and a little rough imo she sounds stunning tho, but the chorus is hella boring and basic West Side is very easy to jam to but once again there’s really not growth between songs and all the beats sound like they were made in garage band Love Language has some amazing strings like WOW and it’s very fun, her enunciation isn’t great on this like at all but it’s still cute and a bop but it is VERY repetitive which is a theme along this album Positions is cute still basic but honestly in this album it is one of the best on it Obvious lost my attention it kinda sounds like the rest of the record POV is a highlight is really nice also very reminiscent of Mariah and i know it’s annoying to compare them but this album really does sound like it could have been a Mariah album in some parts I think Sweetener is her best album but THIS ONE is actually bad
  5. it kinda sounds like weyes...have we ruled out COTCC being a feature with Zella & Weyes because they were on set with her
  6. i strongly dislike the cover art, the fan edits under her tweet are miles better
  7. i’m rooting for January 7th because that’s my birthday and COTCC is gonna be her best album since Honeymoon
  8. I’ve listened to it a ton of times and it is just not clicking for me Sweetener remains her best and most diverse album sadly so...
  9. y'all has she gotten more work done???cover the bottom half of her face in that pic and look at her eyes, it could be natural crows feet but i've never noticed them be that intense (i'm not shaming her or anything crows feet are normal and she's always gorgeous)
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