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  1. Literally take any still from the MV and it would make a much better cover I hate her.
  2. I can't @ all those fanmades being miles better than the OG cover
  3. when you realize your Cancer is sun and your Leo is moon too. our MINDS
  4. I was hoping she would talk more about the album during that interview, but ofc she decides to ramble about political bullsh*t instead.
  5. yeah i cringed throughout that whole interview, everything about this is a MESS like girl, read the room. I just hope she's in a good place mentally.
  6. Can someone link me to the full interview? The one in the OP abruptly cuts towards the end.
  7. So... after yesterday's meltdown I went to bed for a 10 hours sleep and I've come to terms with that fugly cover. Could've been better if the back cover and the front one were switched but whatever lol. The tracklist isn't that terrible too although it's really short. Can't wait for the video, hopefully she doesn't disappoint with that one. We want VISUALS
  8. this fucking website won't even load properly but anyways idc this will be my last post here until the album release. she has officially lost it. wtf is this?? literally what the fUCK please tell me this is a joke. I hope she gets dragged, i hope she gets panned, i'm so sick of her lately and i'm done defending her. she desperately needs to get her shit togetehr i am at loss of words right now. i just don't recognize this woman anymore
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