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  1. Hi guys. From my lanaboards username you already know who I am. I would like to ask some of you to stop harassing me with such heavy words. Some scrobbles that I made on my last.fm account are real, some not.. Some scrobbles were done by my carelessness and some scrobbles were on purpose because I like to comment in the shoutbox parts of the songs that I like the most, just like I do with most of the other songs that I like. I didn't do this to prove that I have some stuff. If I wanted to prove that I would have made some random twitter or instagram insider account since 2016. No leaked Lana music has ever been put online by me. And it never will. Who can be sure that I have only snippets or the whole tracks? I am no greater than anyone else for MAYBE having access to songs before they are released. Maybe I am lucky, or maybe I am a fuckup for having illegal material. Either way, that does not give the right to some toxic people come to my dms to send me hateful and xenophobic messages against me. I don't want to play the victim, because I'm not. I just wanted to say that this is not the way you are going to get any information out of someone.
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