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  1. Did a song sorter, but don't think that the top 25 are in any particular order. I love them all equally. Venice Bitch Pawn Shop Blues Bartender The Greatest Flipside Swan Song Terrence Loves You The Blackest Day Religion Mariners Apartment Complex Money Power Glory Cruel World Shades of Cool West Coast Radio Born to Die Happiness is a Butterfly Summer Bummer Old Money Gods & Monsters Ultraviolence Black Beauty Honeymoon God Knows I Tried Cherry
  2. California

    Song vs. Song

    Kinda Outta Luck vs This is What Makes Us Girls
  3. That looked like a font from American Horror Story, anyway. I don't think that I would even listen to the album.
  4. Ben said to buy the poetry book first, and Eclipse has been more right than he has been wrong. Nothing is coming anytime soon. If it leaks, i'm sure they'll rush release it, though.
  5. Watch Byron delete his last instagram post at noon tomorrow
  6. J*red would stan Chemtrails since it's produced by Jack without even hearing it, while i'm just a Antonoff warrior in terms of defending NFR so no
  7. California

    Song vs. Song

    High by the Beach vs Freak
  8. The way I went from "TJF sounds kind of derivative...Chemtrails her worst album incoming" to this is going to be her most sensual song since WC/Freak all because of this video
  9. is this the week or is she going to play dead until November 2029
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