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  1. not contradicting your overall message, but Honeymoon is quite possibly her most cohesive album to date in terms of sound and imagery.
  2. We don't have to ask. We already know that information came from the voices in your head.
  3. Buddy's Rendezvous and You Must Love Me
  4. Dramatics? That's rich coming from you. A person who starts convulsing and foaming at the mouth over the name Jack Antonoff
  5. Halloween was two weeks ago, we're back to the regularly scheduled programming
  6. I will have a meltdown in a bad way if Say Yes to Never Seeing Heaven makes this or any future record. I loathe that song just due to the fact that she's re-worked it so many times and it never fit. It doesn't fit because it's a bad song!
  7. I was very skeptical about this record coming any time soon, and still don't think it will come until at least May next year, but now I'm feeling that we'll get some concrete news by December
  8. I believe it, but not about the record coming sooner than we think
  9. Cosigned, and I have to add California and Get Free, which I do like a lot. Most other songs are either fairly appreciated or I like a lot personally
  10. I just want her to pull a Fiona Apple with this next album title, a wordy album deserves a wordy title attached to it!
  11. Map of LA

    Taylor Swift

    I don't really like when people say "all the songs sound the same" when it comes to Lana or any other artist, but at least six songs from evermore all blend together in my head for me they're extremely not memorable imo.
  12. maybe she should take a two year break.
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