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  1. Omg! I just love this song and the lyrics... just oh gosh!
  2. Hahaha, yeah! Waiting all those hours was really worth it.
  3. Lol! No one really knows where Latvia is! Thanks! :S
  4. June 13th --------------------------------------------- I woke up at around 5am and quickly ran to the bus to capital city (Riga). When we've got there, we buyed flowers for Lana and did our glasses (we attached flowers to them). At around 1pm we we're at the airport (althrought Lana Del Rey would arrive at 3:00pm or 5:05pm). While waiting for the airplane to arrive, we we're talking with people we have just met and I can say - they are sooooo cool! Well, It was 3:00pm and the people from Minsk airplane starting to get out. Everyone came out, but not her. We we're contiuning to wait till 5:05 (so 2 more hours). New people started gathering around and It was about 4:50pm, when the airplane got delayed for another 30 minutes (so It had to arrive at 5:35pm). We contiuned to wait, then I went to see the board (that says all the airplane data) and it said; Arrived 5:27. I quickly ran to get the nearest place to the exit of C Terminals and we started to wait. People from Minsk already we're starting to get out and everyone got super excited. Flight attendants walked out and we asked them; "Lana was on your plane?" and they said; "Yes". That got us even more excited, until (of course!) police member came out and said; "Who are you waiting for?", We said: "Lana Del Rey", and she answered; "Umm... Well. Why are you waiting here? She's going through VIP Terminals?" This is the moment when we quickly packed all our bags and ran outside to find VIP Terminals. They were about 5 minutes run away from us, so we just ran there. We got there and just waited there for her. Police was standing there, so me and my friends decided we'll go quickly back and see, maybe police just fooled us. So, we quickly ran back to VIP Terminals and we saw semicircle and someone was in it. So, we ran quickly in it and guess what - LANA DEL REY WAS THERE! She wore blue jeans, white shirt. I got just autograph (When she signed it, she said; " Make sure it doesn't smash!". Also, I gave her flowers and she were supper happy. After that, she drove to her hotel, so we decided we won't trouble her anymore... at least for that day. June 14th --------------------------------------------- We drove to Arena Riga (where was the hotel held) at around 11am. We saw about 20 people already at C Enternace, so we decided we'll look at different enternaces. No one was at A Enternace (althrough it was for press or something), so we grabbed our spots at B Enternace! We spent about 8 hours waiting for concert and we met new friends again. We walked to nearby shop. When it was about 30 minutes to 7pm (when doors we're supposed to open), a lot of people we're around B Enternace too, but we we're first in line, so we didn't have to worry about that stuff. I talked with a guy from Lithuania, that showed me selfie with him and Lana, I was happy for him, althrough I wanted one myself. So, guards got their places and it was about 7pm. Doors we're still closed. After about 10 minutes, we started screaming and doors finally opened! We quickly showed our bags (security check) and tickets and ran inside the arena as quickly as possible, until (of course again) we saw everyone standing near enternace to the standing area. It was covered with curtains and we couldn't get in. Security was standing in our fucking way. I'm sorry, but the security we're totally fucked up. Someone was pulling and pushing from back and the middle security guard was PUSHING US BACK. We waited for about 40 minutes, before we could be let into the actual area. I was standing near a guard, that was really nice - he talked to us and explained, that he dosen't knows, what really is happening, and why we can't get in. After we pulled in so hard, they finally started letting in and I saw people just "flying" inside the area, so I asked 2 guards to push me in - AND THEY DID SO! I was so happy, that they tried to push me in, as I told them I wote for about 8 hours waiting outside the arena. No one could run inside arena, because security guards we're everywhere. So, My friend got in faster than me and she got me front row place. When we got in, even the curtains looked so amazing and I was super excited (well, everyone was). Opening night was Iiris. Well, she was amazing! Some people just didn't like her performance, althrought I'm really in all those acoustic performances, so it was amazing. After she went off the stage, we had to wait for more 30 minutes. Nothing happened... Quickly lights turned off and curtain fell down. Everyone started screaming, It got really crazy. The show started... I can't even describe how amazing she is. She was pointing to me with her fingers and looking at me, and just smiling. I will never forget those moments. She never got down to the left side, until (again, lol) the last song. National Anthem started and at middle of the song, she just walked down to the left side, I totally got out of control. She was just 50 centimeters away from me. I got out my iPhone and turned front camera. She were singing and she just walked past few people, signed about 2. So, i wasn't really hoping for anything and I got nothing... Just kidding! She turned around to place painting on the stage (one girl gave her it) and then she noticed me. She took a photo with me and I gave her Latvia flag. She was smiling and I asked her for a hug. She hugged me and kissed me on cheek! I was really about to cry, because all these emotions... I mean, it's LANA DEL REY. As she walked back to the right side, my friend took a selfie with her from my phone. She hugged and kissed me on cheek again, and said that he loves me! I will never forget that night... June 15th --------------------------------------------- Last day of Lana Del Rey in Riga. We drove to the airport at about 11pm. Three girls we're nearby her hotel, so they told us, that she's riding to the airport! She told us the car code - "MG-34", so we we're waiting for car with that number nearby normal airport enternace. I screamed; " OMFG, IT'S HERE... RUUUUUUN! ", so we ran to the VIP Terminals. I saw some people there, I was like; " LANA IS COMMING!!!!". They we're like; " Omfgg, Finally!!! Omg, omg!! ". So we talked a bit with lana. My friend asked, if she remembers her. Lana said; "Yeah, I do! And I remember you *Lana points to me* too!" and I was like; "omggg, she remembers me!!" So, I finally took a normal photo with her and hugged her. We asked, if she will come to Latvia again. She said; "Yes, definately". --------------------------------------------- So, this is my experience. I really loved that a celebrity like this actually came to a small country like Latvia and even said, that she will come back. It feels really amazing. Oh, Lana said her best friend is from Latvia during concert!! 2 videos of me & Lana I'm the one with Latvian Flag http://youtu.be/_RqcZzcy6bE?t=1m35s My friend is taking photo with her, so after we tell her, that we love her and she hugs us both! http://youtu.be/xg8aKoOnung?t=12s
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