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  1. omg thank you haha thats good to know they have it at barnes and noble!
  2. I'm wondering this too...all I can find is a year long subscription on their website (which you can cancel at any time) but it doesn't say which issue it starts with. Since its already mid- May would it include Lana's issue or would it start with June? So confusing lol
  3. I do think the bottlecap design is pretty cool (especially since its a reference to Pepsi-Cola lol) but this drop really makes me think that whoever is designing this stuff has no idea who their base is or what we want. I doubt they've ever even listened to Lana's music I agree, like I feel like either Lana approves and loves it or she has no idea about it at all haha like I wanna say she has no involvement because the LDR village merch is worlds away from the LFL merch that she was heavily involved in, but maybe this stuff is her style now
  4. I gotta say...I'm intrigued by this bomber jacket lol like does the price mean its going to be better quality?
  5. omg apparantly the ldrvillage site has a Born To Die section now! I wonder if it'll be recreations of the merch from that era or new stuff?
  6. Them posting that reminded me of that time they mentioned a contest for fans to design some merch and I don't think that ever happened but fingers crossed they do release a BTD collection!
  7. I remember being obsessed with Video Games and Summertime Sadness (and later Young and Beautiful!) when they were released, but I didn't really get into Lana's music until years later because my friends at the time kinda hated her and made fun of me for liking those songs We haven't been friends for years lol I didn't really become a fan until Lust for Life, and I'm kinda sad I missed out on so many amazing eras just because I cared too much about those people's opinions But when I go back to Born to Die, everything about it continues to amaze me. The sound, the aesthetic, the demos, the live performances, the music videos....everything is just so perfectly "Lana Del Rey"
  8. Same like I feel like it doesn't really look like Lana haha but its a cool design I guess
  9. Yeah sure! It's support@ldrvillage.com
  10. I finally just got some stuff I ordered back in September But I had to email them a few times threatening to do a chargeback though my bank before it finally shipped lol
  11. Just submitted my votes Good luck everyone!
  12. Of course the free gift is a lip balm again lol They always make it seem like it'll be something nice and exclusive
  13. omg I would love to have the jacket as merch! Especially since it would probably mean other stuff on the same level of quality and design too
  14. I was wondering that too...it does say "Branch" so I'm thinking it has branches maybe with flowers Possibly cherry blossoms
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