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  1. Same! I would be so happy if it was something signed!
  2. I placed an order on Thursday a few hours after the drop and just today I got this: BLUE BANISTERS FREE GIFT CONFIRMATION Hi There! Your Order has been included in the Blue Banisters free gift promotion! Thank you so much for your support! Keep an eye out for your tracking email ! I'm honestly kind of surprised, since I didn't order immediately haha but keep an eye out for one of these emails to know if you got the free gift!
  3. I like this theory a lot, and I agree that this is the first time she's used a matriarchal theme in her music But if it really is a word that she's never used in a song before, then it can't be "mother" since she has used that in Body Electric: "Elvis is my daddy, Marilyn's my mother" Unless she just forgot about that line haha Edit: and Old Money too
  4. Chuck's real name is Caroline, so I believe that's why the song is named "Sweet Carolina"
  5. I really love some of the designs, like the BB Eyes, Blue Flowers, and Psych ones, but I was kinda hoping there would be merch with lyrics on it or stuff relating to the songs (like for BBS, IYLDWM, Thunder, Dealer, etc.) This is a pretty small drop for them though, so I feel like there's gotta be more on the way haha
  6. So happy I got to follow her this time! It looks kind of like the same layout they had for the chemtrails pop up, but I guess it'll be at the beach instead haha
  7. Once again wish I lived on the West Coast
  8. Omg is that the surprise in LA for tomorrow???
  9. My target CD just shipped! I love the picture on the back and I can't wait to look through the booklet
  10. I love the music video so much! I feel like it really embodies the entire mood and theme of the album and of course they all look gorgeous Especially love Lana in the green dress Also, the stormy weather (reference to Thunder?) showing that its finally going to rain and "wash away the pain"
  11. I didn't really become a fan until 2017 so I never got the chance to follow it either, and there a lot of fans who are newer who never got the chance as well. That doesn't mean that fans who have been fans for longer are any "bigger" of fans than ones who started being fans later on. Its just not really fair to say "but you could've followed it years ago when it wasn't private" when many people just never had the chance And yeah I agree, she's not really avoiding drama or obsessive fans this way. Even if she wasn't on social media at all, I know it would still follow her somehow unfortunately
  12. Honestly I don't think she really cares about her career like that anymore. She's already been successful, she's noted over the past ten years how unhappy she is with the fame (and obviously lately all the hate) and I think she's just had enough. Since she's deleted her socials media, I've been feeling less like I can connect to her, and less obsessed over the new record, although I am still excited about having new music, but less in a 'stan' kind of way and I think that's what she wants. Someones else said it, but I don't think she wants stans anymore If this hurts her career, drops sales, makes her lose fans, and pushes her more into obscurity then I think that's exactly what she was trying to do And honestly that makes me feel pretty sad that this chapter is ending and that she doesn't even want this career anymore. I really wouldn't be surprised if she moved somewhere random and disappeared for a while. The only reason I could see her even keeping her record deal is because she does enjoy making music and working with producers and stuff. But I think we need to stop thinking in this perspective that hurting her career, losing fans, and decreasing sales isn't exactly what she wants.
  13. okay thank you! I'll start saving then
  14. Do you know if they'll be dropping clothing and accessories merch on ldr village soon too? Or are they waiting for October 22nd? Just wanna know if I should start saving my money
  15. I was thinking about this too, like if she wants to "shed" the Lana Del Rey persona and release music in a very lowkey way (honestly maybe that's why she released that hope is a dangerous thing video on her uhauljoe YouTube lol) and not have much public interaction at all, releasing stuff under "Elizabeth Grant" or "Lizzy Grant" again might give her the fresh start she wants. I think it depends on what she wants to do with her career moving forward, and whether she wants to continue to be signed to a major record label or not. It seems like she enjoys making music in studios and working with lots of different producers, and if she goes indie then she may not have access to things like that, but being signed to a big record label means she can't go entirely off the radar either
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