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  1. Honestly I don't think she really cares about her career like that anymore. She's already been successful, she's noted over the past ten years how unhappy she is with the fame (and obviously lately all the hate) and I think she's just had enough. Since she's deleted her socials media, I've been feeling less like I can connect to her, and less obsessed over the new record, although I am still excited about having new music, but less in a 'stan' kind of way and I think that's what she wants. Someones else said it, but I don't think she wants stans anymore If this hurts her career, drops sales, makes her lose fans, and pushes her more into obscurity then I think that's exactly what she was trying to do And honestly that makes me feel pretty sad that this chapter is ending and that she doesn't even want this career anymore. I really wouldn't be surprised if she moved somewhere random and disappeared for a while. The only reason I could see her even keeping her record deal is because she does enjoy making music and working with producers and stuff. But I think we need to stop thinking in this perspective that hurting her career, losing fans, and decreasing sales isn't exactly what she wants.
  2. Do you know if they'll be dropping clothing and accessories merch on ldr village soon too? Or are they waiting for October 22nd? Just wanna know if I should start saving my money
  3. I was thinking about this too, like if she wants to "shed" the Lana Del Rey persona and release music in a very lowkey way (honestly maybe that's why she released that hope is a dangerous thing video on her uhauljoe YouTube lol) and not have much public interaction at all, releasing stuff under "Elizabeth Grant" or "Lizzy Grant" again might give her the fresh start she wants. I think it depends on what she wants to do with her career moving forward, and whether she wants to continue to be signed to a major record label or not. It seems like she enjoys making music in studios and working with lots of different producers, and if she goes indie then she may not have access to things like that, but being signed to a big record label means she can't go entirely off the radar either
  4. I hope so, but if her reasoning behind leaving social media is get away from the media and toxicity of it all then I don't think that will go away just because she left socials. And if she does still use a finsta, then she's not gonna avoid seeing all the posts about her (whether good or bad) Obviously she'll keep making music for herself, but I guess what I'm saying is that if leaving social media doesn't fix the problem for her, then "retiring" and never releasing music publicly again might be eventually what she decides to do
  5. I've been thinking about what @lustforlife said about Blue Banisters being "the end of Lana Del Rey" a lot after Lana deleted her socials and, like others have been saying, I think she has been planning this for a while too. It makes me sad to think, but I really do think this is just the beginning of the end (whatever that really means lol) I'll be happy with whatever she chooses to share with us, but whether she is leaving Interscope, signing with Capitol Records or just releasing on her own, I think that eventually she won't release anything anymore. I'm also feeling like we won't be getting tours or merch like we did in the past again either...I think she'll make things really low-key tbh She said she's here for the music now and has projects to release, but I fear that just leaving social media won't be enough. The media will always try to tear her down and I think she will get sick of it and keep her music and poetry to herself which is really sad. It makes me so angry that the media and people in general keep attacking her no matter what she does. But anyways, I just think we should really cherish what she gives us over the next few years, just in case she decides to leave for good
  6. I'm really sad she's leaving social media but I do agree its probably what's best for her, to have a break from all that. I am curious about how we're gonna know about future releases now though haha like will it be posted on Ben and Ed's Instagrams or maybe they will send emails? I'm a little worried but I guess we'll find out next month when Blue Banisters gets released
  7. I could be wrong, but its possible she said that because she knows they were leaked and many people already have them but idk The video did seem really out of nowhere though, like she was posting so much lately and seemed really happy about releasing Arcadia and the album and stuff, plus that tweet earlier today about the covers album didn't really give me the feeling she wanted to deactivate so I hope everything is okay
  8. agreed it was the perfect way to start off my 8:30 am work day
  9. I'm loving the tracklist and all of the floral songs! It sounds so beautiful
  10. I'm in love with the Wildflower Wildfire design the little daisies are so cute omg
  11. omg yeah like they could've at least given the new chapsticks from the second drop too Now I know they really were just doing this to clear out leftover product
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