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  1. If Yes To Heaven is on the album, I'm curious as to what version will finally make the cut or whether it will be reworked entirely
  2. I get what you mean, I do think all of her projects are equal and hold value to me, but I still think they should still be separated by category. Like Tropico is a short film, so do you include that as a part of her "discography" too? If she wrote a novel or starred in a movie would that also count? Separating by category doesn't make any project less important Also I'm confused about what you mean by "I think words like ”album” etc are dated" lol what exactly makes it dated? What other word would you use to describe a collection of songs? Also sorry to everyone for continuing this discussion lol
  3. I think I would consider it a separate project too Like Violet is poetry book/album #1, Behind the Iron Gates is poetry book/album #2 Then (if there was a cover album) it would be cover album #1 For me the separation is that BTD/P, Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, LFL, NFR, COCC, and BB are music.... whereas Violet is poetry If she didn't even release the audiobook for Violet it would literally just be a poetry book so... but I can't stop Lana from calling it LDRX/10 lol
  4. omg the fact that both she and neil are teasing us now
  5. It seems like the colors of the flowers were added by him then? The top ones are all white, so which one is edited? My guess is the bottom one, but that means the colors were intentionally added....but for what reason?
  6. The multicolors of the flowers and the source code colors are reminding me of Lana's Aloha necklace lol it would fit with the coconut beach theme too!
  7. The flowers and kind of grainy filter are giving me both Honeymoon and Lust for Life vibes I love it
  8. omg those flowers are gorgeous I really hope they're for Lana
  9. This snippet has been on my mind a lot too I hope we get to hear the full song someday I keep going back and forth, thinking that its recent and similar to the Rockefeller snippet and then thinking its totally different and probably from years ago Also I do think the Harry Nilsson thing is a hint and that she probably will cover one of his songs. I can't really imagine her covering the coconut song though lol but that's the one she's been talking about so...
  10. Coconut and a beachy aesthetic....hoping for Coconut and Key Lime Pie
  11. December 7th is a Wednesday so I'm thinking she'll do an announcement that day for the single coming out on Friday the 9th
  12. omg we have a date now Hoping we get a single next week too
  13. I wonder what the average time in between website blackout/password locked and reveal is We know from this that NFR was 7 days but for LMLYAW/chemtrails and Blue Banisters I feel like it was shorter although I can't remember perfectly
  14. Hoping they have Rockefella umbrellas as merch
  15. Same im too excited to focus on work lol
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