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  1. Unlike MDM, I don't think Yayo is autotuned...
  2. Antisemitism will not be tolerated!
  3. Wow, the lyrics! We stan a non-conformist avant-garde queen. I hope her carreer will not suffer from such a controversial standpoint. She's so brave I can't believe she did that!
  4. So sad all the mv she has already shot will be scrapped by january
  5. Ugh... Pages of virtue signaling, what's new? So annoying. Go back to the 15th century if you cannot handle a fully empowered woman driving her own car the way she wants to btw she looks so good!
  6. My point is, it is something every successful artists share bc it's deeply human. We all would feel the same.
  7. She is one of the top artists of the past decades, has a worldwide fan base, is one of the most influential, is critically acclaimed... How can she not be pretentious? Normalize stopping expecting people to be some kind of moral semi-gods...
  8. Tristesse

    Britney Spears

    All I did was a 2mn google search kid, to prove your great insight You're free to believe that her career and c-ship have nothing to do with each other but please don't be so arrogant about it it's quite laughable. + who/what did I even support? Learn to read
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