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  1. OH SHIT it must've been so good
  2. https://www.stereogum.com/2187889/sky-ferreira-dont-forget/music/ I WANT TO BELIEVE
  3. How long would you say till we get the next song... or even better the album
  4. Honestly, I'll cry if DF isn't followed by a full-length album
  5. Do you guys think the leaked version (of DF) is the FINAL version? or will we get one w better quality or sth like that?
  6. starting to lose hope lol
  7. EmptyPromises indeed…. đŸ¥²
  8. Are you guys following skyfupdates on Twitter? Does the admin also post here? Do you believe their updates/posts trying convince us that it IS coming and stuff like this? Should I believe them?
  9. yeah me personally idrc if a singer doesn't write their own lyrics. as long as they can give us "DA FEELZ" through the songs, you know, like make them sound good and fit them well, im fine with it. bonus point if the lyrics are actually good/poetic/etc
  10. ... you're right. I forgot about that part
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