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  1. I could finally listen to the album today and I didn't like it at all. I'm usually not the type of person who dislikes songs just because they're not "upbeat" or whatever and call them boring but in this case they are. Honeymoon as an album was slow but well thought out, Blue Banisters just feels lazy. Of course I will keep on listening to it, and hope it grows on me and regret this comment.
  2. I feel like people saying this are not understanding. We are Lana fans, we are used to not knowing anything of her for long periods of time lol. The problem I think is the tone of the video and her slurred speech as someone else noticed. She sounds really sad and her wording basically makes it feel like a goodbye and as if we're not gonna hear from her in a long while, hence why people doubt about her making music even though she repeatedly says she will continue working. It's normal for her to be emotional on an announcement like this, but not only does she sound sad, it feels like it was not her decision, so people are worried. I think that if the tone was different everyone would be like "well it's sad but we hope it's for the best".
  3. She took a break during the Honeymoon era and all that introspection helped it become one of her best records so maybe it's a good thing on the musical aspect. What worries me is that if she really wants to focus on other parts of her life, social media was never an impediment before, so why now? Maybe her niece changed things. I hope Lana is okay and it's not hurtful comments and other stuff that got to her.
  4. Thanks. That's kind of disappointing . I could have sworn those were her legs lol
  5. Sorry if this has been discussed before but is it true that she's not the one roller skating in White Dress?
  6. Wow, some of the best Kanye songs, Power, Runaway, Blood On The Leaves
  7. It's one of her most mysterious songs, I wish she wrote more "disturbing" lyrics like that. I actually thought for a long time that Lust For Life was the album opener since I took Love out lol.
  8. Her singing "White hot forever" makes me emotional for some reason. The bridge on Dance Till We Die was interesting coming from her. Also Chemtrails, the single, has many outstanding moments but the whole part where she sings "It's beautiful (...) I'm still so strange and wild" is moving.
  9. pattygrantlp. I was never sure it was really her but to me she is.
  10. Nevermind, it wasn't her, it was her dad
  11. Yes, she kind of implied that there is something going on in her personal life. I felt bad for her. It is true, as a lot of you say, that she probably needs some time off. Honeymoon was one of her best eras because she was away from everything and had time for self introspection. It was hard to be a fan during those years because of her absence but she seemed renewed when she came back (artistically and as a person). If she decides to do that again we will support her, she probably needs some peace now too.
  12. Didn't she just say in that same interview that when things are good at home everything else goes right and the same goes when things are bad? And afterwards she mentions how she's been surrounded by controversy lately. To me she kind of wanted to imply that not everything's ok in her personal life (please tell me if I misunderstood). Also don't you guys think she used to be way more well spoken in interviews? Maybe she was nervous but I felt bad for her. Regarding her constant comments about racism, it really is an awful thing to be accused of something you're not/didn't do.
  13. I could be completely wrong but I feel it's intentional. Like when she said "I'm not not a feminist", instead of straight up saying "I'm a feminist". For some reason she doesn't want to be direct with her statements. I can't tell if she thinks it will keep her mystery, or she doesn't want to sound too "modern" and is afraid of being a part of today's culture. I've noticed a lot of people do this, they want to act like they care about current issues but don't want to lose their cool, unbothered image. Instead of clearly saying she's concerned about inequality and supports any fight against it but in this case these are her friends in the cover (so it's not an attempt of pandering), Lana had to add a lot of unnecessary words to her pretentious comment and draw attention to herself and how she's "changing the world". If she wants to sound mysterious and intelligent, there's no need to use confusing wording, just watch a David Bowie interview and notice how he will say direct sentences and seem worldly knowledgeable while still keeping his interesting aura. I hope what I said makes sense.
  14. She was kind of like this during the Ultraviolence era. (The Barrie and I are the only real artists left vibe). So I hope it's a good sign.
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