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  1. Will UK store cancel old vinyl bundle order if I ask? Wanna get the signed
  2. Literally one of my fav unreleased, it makes me so emotional for no real reason
  3. Sierra Madre

    Charli XCX

    #44 is a strong debut for her tbh. 1999 debuted at around #70/80 in the UK and then peaked at #13!!!
  4. Everyone manifesting tour and me especially manifesting it starting with the cancelled cities of the NFR tour, knowing full well the BB tour will be five shows along the west coast and a couple of special open air performances in Arkansas and Oklahoma with a John Deere as her stage
  5. Does anyone know if store orders (UK especially) take money now or when the product's dispatched? I know HMV only took money from my account release week for the chemtrails vinyl but haven't ordered from her store in ages and forgotten what they do
  6. The fact the pre-order dropped the same day I got the list of title choices for my final year uni project and I've put more thought into which vinyl variant to get
  7. The way the store says the vinyl is transparent white like is that even possible...
  8. Sierra Madre

    Charli XCX

    Same hoping she just said that it wasn't done so people don't go looking for it
  9. The fact she's stripping but I also can't save the video bc it's 'made for children'
  10. Sierra Madre

    Charli XCX

    Yeah like that but without the background and stuff but I can just crop that. Thanks!
  11. Does anyone else kind of get 'mixtape' vibes from this project, rather than 'album' vibes so to speak. Obviously there's little promo/artwork effort and with the casual release it just feels different. Also I feel like the sequence of title track placement could be broken here - not sure if I see an album opening with Blue Banisters as it lacks an introduction. Obviously hard to say at this point but it seems like quite a mid album track to me for some reason.
  12. Sierra Madre

    Charli XCX

    Random request but does anyone have an image or whatever of the isolated number 1 angel logo? The 1 with the rose through it?
  13. Title track 3:26 Was expecting 5 minutes for some reason
  14. I don't think it's been confirmed so would assume midnight local as she's never released an album global before, only singles / videos.
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