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  1. wait what is the problem with this dude who is sean and joe and chase i'm so confused
  2. the video is like a weird version of the powerpuff girls then lana's bridge happens and i feel like i can breathe
  3. 'knock it off, allison' iconic, i want merch
  4. can anyone recommend some good speakers with raw wire input? i have a stereo from the 1970s
  5. i'd rather just steal an ashtray from the casinos
  6. i'm just gonna put it out there that i called a good portion of this even the fucking index cards for $35 and venice bitch beach towel i'm shook at myself
  7. lana slapping down promises left and right leaving no time for us hags and fags to recuperate
  8. cute yes let's do it what about like a marigold color? i always think of that as a perfect warm sunny color
  9. thank you! now that i have the link for the shelf it's tempting but yah it's deffo too expensive so i'm not surprised it's from urban what about like a vintage 70s warm gold/orange type of color, not necessarily too pigmented but the vibe of it, could even just be one wall of it with the rest being a lighter tone? i was thinking of all the brass coloring/white/pinks you have in there already
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