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  1. This is so sad... Listening to Old Money while reading this didn't help at all. In some ways, I understand how she feels, glorifying death, finding peace in it and all. The fact that Lou Reed was just about to collaborate with her and died though, wow.
  2. she mentioned gene in this interview then again in the radio interview (boyfriend from ct who she used to drink diet mtn dew with)?? what's up with her suddenly talking about him?
  3. that's what I hear
  4. i love it tbh, simple, b/w and lana looks super hot
  5. ahhhh i love this, i love the guitars and the summer vibe. Honestly, the two versions are so different I couldn't pick between them, they're both great
  6. she clearly says he's crazy and Cubano como yo, la la and not 'my love'. You can see that in the video and also when she sings it live.
  7. also when you're really hot and out of oxygen, try lifting your arm up in the air it helps to cool down
  8. practice sprinting tbh, it all came down to running when i went to her concert. I also got there like 7 hours early and i'm tiny, but as long as you can run you should be good
  9. the first one looks like a prom dress but her choices this year are far better than last year, i love the coachella dresses
  10. the way she touched that guy at 0:46
  11. west coast and burning desire
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