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  1. Fuck this album for being so good and dredging up all of my ugly emotions from my breakup
  2. I’m always stoked for a new record, but I haven’t been *this* stoked since UV. Floored since MAC. She’s just exuding so much warmth and confidence. I’m basking in it.
  3. 1. I haven’t been this excited for a record since UV 2. Thank god someone else is producing this album.
  4. I saw Lana in Denver (GREAT show!) and the next day my bf and I were walking past a sports store and heard Get Free playing late at night. We had to do a double take, but I was so happy to hear it playing!
  5. Vowed to never see LDR live again until she played in astadium venue. Grabbed good seats for cheap in Denver. I. Am. Shook.
  6. So would I be daft to think she would perform the whole album? She said in an interview that she was excited to play the album live. Let me reach, please.
  7. I look forward to Yosemite being released and people hating it.
  8. Is it a possibility that the tracklist we have is fake?
  9. Fingers crossed for a B-Sides record to tie in to LFL. She seems really inspired and I hope she's inspired and satisfied enough to give us *everything.
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