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  1. Philomene

    Marilyn Manson

    He's touring Europe in November! I'm so excited to see him live.
  2. Wake up American people, your taxes pay the wars your country gets engaged into to rob countries of their natural ressources and distribute the profits to the 1% elite of the world.
  3. That's too expensive for me Won't go
  4. The ring was hers, but the rest was probably lent to her for the fashion week. Insurance will repay her, don't worry for her money. Tbh, it's a miracle she didn't get hurt. She really could have been raped, she's a huge sex symbol and it could have went down that road ...
  5. She just didn't want to sound pretentious but she thinks she's the hottest shit and that she can have any man she wants.
  6. I feel glad watching this video, it looks like what Lizzy Grant would have released if she had the possibility to do it. I am happy that she finally can make her dreams and visions come true. It is actually more a song about girls than boys, it's the This Is What Makes Us Girls 2.0. Lana depicts herself as an almost non-human beautiful creature, it gives me also Maha Maha teas. She puts on her music when watching the boys to lure them in just like a siren. It's an ode to carnal enjoyment and appreciation of the human body beauty. Do you remember the poem she read during Tropico about how the body is beautiful but is also the soul? Darlin' little queens do you know what you're worth? I'll tell you everyday till you get it, girl It's all gonna happen
  7. I just posted this on the Burn Norton lyrics thread but I thought that it is probably more appropriate here : To be honest, I've been so used to this idea that I don't even know which esoteric movements proclaim it. The only movement I recall actively using Tarot Cards to change their future are people practicing Chaos Magick. What do you think about it?
  8. This reminds me that some esoteric movements consider that the past, the present and the future are parallel and that in fact many different versions of the past, the present and the future co-exist. It is very popular among some Tarot users who think that with the help of Tarot cards they can not only predict the future but actually choose the path for the "future" that they desire. Considering some of her aesthetics are heavily influenced by/hint towards Tarot Cards such as the High Priestess it is not very surprising.
  9. Wow she's so "accessible". I'm not a star and I would never let myself be approached this way by a foreigner in the street.
  10. I'm sure the interviewer lied about saying Ultraviolence is one of his favorite songs of her
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