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  1. At first I didn't want to listen to it. I mean, we got those old unreleased tracks, we could have waited for monday. But ugh its awesome. Perfect for summer, perfect for getting high during the summer heat. And her references to older songs make it so beautiful for fans. She remembers, like she remembers Serial Killer and Us Against The World. :heart:It feels like she's sharing a secret with us And it sounds so different from what she did the last years. I don't have a clue, what the album is going to sound like. Honeymoon and High by the Beach seem to be so different. I'm really interested how she is going to make a consistent album.
  2. Ugh, I want to have my honeymoon on hawaii with this song The instrumental sounds gorgeous. And that short clip is fucking beautiiful. Lana, you've done it again. God, I'm excited.
  3. Ugh, I need Honeymoon before september. I'll move to Japan in September and I'm sure I won't have the money for the deluxe box set when I'm over there
  4. wagamama


    I don't know why, but the lyircs kind of remind me of JFK ? Maybe it's the lyrical structure ( For me at least both feel hymnic) or it's just her using weird metaphors in both songs.
  5. I feel so satisfied. i love you Lana. I really do. This means so much for your fans!
  6. Strangely i kinda like it. I found the WC video boring, but this is nice. Simple and beautiful. Nothing extraordinary. But her look when she sing "He hit me and it felt like a kiss" is so provocative. I mean...this is brave. Girl wants to create controversary. And i love the horrorfilm-look. It has some tension in it it I think. It's a very subtle video. However the orange part was just weird to watch. And yes, she definitly runs out of ideas. Maybe next time she makes something more appealing. But at least she has fun
  7. Ugh I'm so worried my boxset won't come Friday I ordered it at Saturn and cancelled my LDR.com -order, but until now I got just an e-mail, saying I they will send me another e-mail, when they accept my order. Never heard of something like that before. I'll have to download it, if I don't get it Friday. I mean, I paid for it.
  8. I think it's important that in the German original she says : "I was part of a underground-scene [...] I'll call it a sect" what the media made into "Lana del rey was member of a sect!!!" Scene has adifferent meaning than sect I believe ? So she's more using words like cultleader to describe how it was back then. At least that's what I get out of it.
  9. Lol, I love her. This interview is not super deep, but it's fun. And finally someone asking her about Fucked My Way Up To The Top. This is going to be a diss track ? Lana, you're one iconic bitch.
  10. I think it might grow on me. Except Betty Boop Boop every Lana song did. I love the live version, but somehow I expected more from the studioversion. And am I the only one that finds the spoken part horrible? I hate it when someone speaks during a song. It kills the mood totally for me But i love the " I can hear the sirens" part
  11. I don't know, German media really covers the topic I think. I mean, not explicitly, like those videos, but in an informative way. (Despite the fact a lot of newspapers try to influence their readers to a pro or contra russian point of view, what is unusual here in such a masiveness)
  12. Thank God, a performance without a crowd that kills the mood through constant screaming. Maybe we can even understand some of the lyrics in the absence of her fans I'm so ready for this
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